Diamonds have been prized for thousands of years, and counterfeits of these priceless types of carbon have undoubtedly existed since their discovery. Fortunately, potential customers can depend on more than just their eyes to weed out scams from actual offers. So we’ve sorted through a host of inexpensive knockoff digital testers to bring you some of the most reliable detectors.
Discover the manufacturers of synthetic diamond detectors and choose the screener that best suits your needs. From the portability to stone count, speed, and price, Jeweler’s Synthetic Diamond Detector Buying Guide makes your choice simple.

“The best advice for jewelers, especially those who are in a position to buy second-hand diamonds or import them directly from abroad, is to invest in an appraiser to protect against making wrong decisions.”

Synthetic diamonds have been one of the most controversial categories in the jewelry industry, with the last 24 months of changes in the economy and media coverage causing many changes for the industry.
While synthetic diamonds have become popular, their increased production has had unfortunate consequences in the broader trade, with violations occurring in packages of natural diamonds.
The number of synthetic diamonds masquerading as natural stones is increasing, but many jewelers still lack the technology to differentiate them.
It has never been more critical for diamond buyers to be prepared and armed with reliable equipment to know exactly whether their stones are natural or created.
1. GemOro UltraTester 3+
A mid-priced dual-solution possibility, the GemOro UltraTester three + (about $ 199) is notable for its modern, ergonomic type trouble and ability to check for all common types of simulation. It does this by measuring the thermal and electrical conductivity of each stone.
• It comes with rechargeable batteries.
• Useful case included
• Will not catch new forms of moissanite.

2. Presidium Gem Tester II
Presidium Gem Tester II (about $ 229) is among the most versatile options on the market from one of the vital trusted names within the company. If you are testing the legitimacy of various jewellery and want a single instrument, it is a sensible choice.
• Nice for coloured gems
• Particularly correct for diamonds
• Inaccurate for safe stones

3. High precision HDE
A well-loved model with many copycats strewn all over the web, the HDE Excessive Accuracy (about $ 12) is a highly cheap device that defies the phrase “You get what you pay for.” It will present some stable utility if used with care.
• Measure hardness
• It has a case
• Returns false positives for metallic

4. Gemoro Testerossa
Gemoro Testerossa (about. $ 249) is significantly less likely to deceive you, which uses expertise in UV fluorescence to help you sniff out moissanite, cubic zirconia, and white sapphire. It heats up shortly and has 4 lights to point out which rock shapes you are in.
• Returns result visually and audibly
• Can be USB powered
• The battery door opens

5. Gemetrix Melee Inspector
The Gemetrix Melee Inspector is quite expensive, costing over $ 700, and is primarily geared for professional jewelers. It applies short wave, mild ultraviolet to a stone and allows you to search for suitors through a peephole using your smartphone’s digital camera.
• Runs on mains or battery power
• Equipped with a magnifying glass
• Works with polished or hard stones

6. Presidium Diamond Mate-C
The Presidium Diamond Mate-C (approx. $ 135) is a beautiful possibility to distinguish between cubic zirconia and the real deal. It doesn’t catch the pesky moissanite, though, so it’s best paired with a mild UV look to ward off false positives.
• Produces results immediately
• Correct thermoelectric probe
• Extra thin tip for small gems

7. Oris Terminator II
The Oris Terminator II (approx. $ 90) is about as cheap as it will be for a tool that can reliably test moissanite. Keep in mind, too, that you’ll want to scrub a stone thoroughly before attempting to achieve the desired results.
• Clear and huge show
• 9-volt battery included
• Beeps when achieved

8. Gemlogis Mantis 3 in 1
The Gemlogis Mantis Three-in-1 (approx. $ 249) works on gemstones regardless of their shape or colouration, along with intricate cuts. By measuring the heat and electrical conductivity of a stone, you could probably decide whether or not it has the genuine factor or an imitation developed in the lab.
• It can be used for right or left-handed
• Easy-to-read liquid crystal display
• Starts shortly

9. Presidium Adamas
For experts willing to shell out a lot of money for high-quality gear, the Presidium Adamas (about $ 399) stands out as the approach to take. It contains a changeable probe tip and a textured chrome grip for convenient holding. The sole drawback is that it is incompatible with coloured stones.
• Examine small gems with precision
• Reminiscence can record 500 results
• Detects moissanite reliably