When you set out for a travel journey many things are excite us but the best of all is a hotel stay experience, isn’t it?

Don’t you die to reach your hotel room and jump on those fluffy beds? Exciting right? 

Of course, we know! 

We’ve hosted a myriad of guests and have provided them with a splendid experience that only a luxury hotel in Rishikesh can offer.

So, we know what you people love and how to make you happy. You can also avail our exemplary services by booking us for your stay and have a lavish experience at our luxurious hotel near Rishikesh Ganga.

There are countless features that people love in a hotel, we’ve mentioned 15 features here that people love in hotels in Rishikesh near Ganga.

Not to forget our hotel provides these features as well

  1. First on the list is free and fast wi-fi. No one wants hindrance in networks especially when they are in a place like Rishikesh and wants to tell the online fam about their stay.
  2. In-house restaurants and menus in the rooms for ordering food.
  3. Suitcase holders and shelf spaces to keep your luggage.
  4. A knowledgeable and helpful staff.
  5. Lovely toiletries including shampoos, hair conditioners, lotions, body and hand wash, etc.
  6. Soft duvet covers with fresh linen.
  7. Free parking space.
  8. A free buffet breakfast is another thing that people love. Who wouldn’t love a well-prepared and arranged meal in the morning while staying at the best hotel in Rishikesh?
  9. Towels folded to resemble animals for the welcome.
  10. Free tourist maps and guides for sightseeing and local attractions.
  11. A smooth functioning air conditioner in rooms.
  12. Accessible electrical sockets near beds.
  13. Plenty of pillows on the bed for comfort.
  14. In-room small fridge to store food items, you can’t finish in one go.
  15. Last but not least features like beautiful mirrors, iron and ironing board.

We hope that these are the features that you love too in a hotel. So next time while finding the best and luxurious hotel near Rishikesh don’t forget to check ours and grab a great offer to experience luxury at its best.