Who we are ?

We are professional film and photography makers. It means that this is our “full time job” and we are happy and proud of it. It also means what we improve our workshop every day, also in commercial films and advertising photography. We go to workshops, train, read, look for new solutions and rewind film shots to take a second look at them 

How do we work?

We have been wondering for a long time whether our work on the wedding day should be more reportage when we are observers, or whether we should control the course of events more, supplementing them with our work as a director. Both of these approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, in the end we have not resolved this dilemma, therefore we decided to use an intermediate solution. On the wedding day, we focus more on reportage, interfering with the course of events less so as not to disturb their natural, often very emotional course. However, during the plein-airs you can count on many of our tips and ideas.

Where we work

We live in the center of Poland, and more specifically in Łódź. In addition to the fact that it is a really great place to live, it is also an ideal location that allows you to work all over Poland, because almost everywhere is close to us. Even if it seems that Łódź is a very distant place, feel free to write, we will be happy to come to you, we love to travel. If you have already looked at the films or photos tab, you know that we are not limited to work in Poland and we had the great pleasure to make reports all over the world, we are very happy about it and we do not hide that it is one of the factors why we love what we do. You can also find us here: https://kameralowe.pl 

What makes us stand out?

Precision and ease, if you can imagine a combination of these two, that’s what we are. If you are looking for a very friendly film crew, who will not miss any detail of your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. When editing the film, we try to ensure that there are no random shots in it and that it not only reflects the great fun that will accompany you, but that there are also touching and romantic moments in them.