Never overlook the power of the simple T-shirt. Although the T-shirt is loved by stylists, celebrities, and fashionistas alike, the inexpensive and universally flattering T-shirt could be the ultimate equalizer in fashion.

Of course, T-shirts are also susceptible to the dictates of fashion-conscious elites, just like other pieces of clothing. From finishing and fabric to silhouette and cut, T-shirt fashions change with each new season.

For summer 2021, we’ve done some investigation to identify the tees which will remain the top choice for this year and, as a result, what trends are waning. From baby t-shirts to ribbing, Check out the five trends in summer T-shirts that will rule the fashion world in 2021, according to our top fashion experts.

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I’m sure that some of you will be at me as a jerk for saying that, and it’s not yet time to declare that you’re “done,” but I’m myself feeling tired of padded shoulder tops. So instead of looking for boxy and oversized T-shirts, you can put them over your bike shorts or dress up with high-waisted clothes for a more relaxed look.

The Y2K period may be trending in the present, but baby tees from the 90s are definitely experiencing a revival. They are a trend that comes in and out of fashion; however, right now, there’s a focus on shrunken T-shirts with adorable designs. Based on my recent closet clean-out, tie-dye t-shirts are in the process of being thrown out (at least as the closet of my own is concerned).

There is always a demand for exciting T-shirts currently, the most popular are box-pleat and plisse tops. The material is not wrinkled and looks like a million dollars, and, to my mind, it is timeless. So buy now and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Let’s discuss graphic t-shirts. They’re not likely to leave “out,” but I’ve observed that the kinds of graphics tend to shift from time to time. I’ve seen many quirky and cute illustrations in recent times, like Ganni’s dolphin design above and The H&M My Little Pony shirt below. In the event that you’re in one of those, you’re an entertaining person.

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The most minor details often make the most significant difference. A good example is ribbing. The texture is awe-inspiring; it is created on knits, loungewear, and more than ever on T-shirts. It’s simple, but it adds some glam to your outfit. Also, as you can see here, the ribbing trend is French girl-friendly. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to achieve the “je ne sais quoi” style, here’s the way to go.