We don’t know if you ever attended a boarding school but we know that you all must have created an image of life at a boarding school in your head. All thanks to movies!

But how does life look like in a boarding school?

How does it feel like to be in a top boys CBSE boarding school in Dehradun? Ever wondered?

Being the best boys residential school in Dehradun we can give you ample of insights about this subject to feed your curiosity.

Here we will unwrap 7 basic facts about boarding schools to give you an insight so that you can also decide if this kind of educational style fits you or not.

Let’s dive into the facts right away:

  • Home away from home.

The fact of staying away from home might be terrifying at first but after some time students fall in love with the school premises. Students live together and share rooms or dormitory halls which ultimately helps in fostering a home-like atmosphere full of warmth, friendliness and community support.

  • Preparation of life beyond school.

Life at the top boys CBSE boarding school in Dehradun prepares you for the life after school as all the students live alone in college. Studying and getting good grades is different but to live in a hostel comes with greater challenges and prepares you for life ahead.

  • You learn essential life skills from an early age.

Being on your own will push you to manage time, stay productive and complete schoolwork added with the responsibility to do daily tasks like laundry, ironing etc. This will teach you self-sufficiency and independent living.

  • More time and access to sports and co-curricular activities.

The self-contained nature of a boarding school pushes a student to pursue their interest and manage school schedule together. Enrol yourself or your child to the best boys’ residential school in Dehradun and get the opportunity to expand your creative interests with more access to facilities.

  • Diverse population.

In boarding school’s students come from different regions and backgrounds to study together which provides a diverse crowd at school with diverse outlooks. This helps in the growth of a student and provides a supportive environment.

  • Availability of school staff round the clock.

To ensure the safety and well-being of students we have teachers and guardians at the top boys CBSE boarding school in Dehradun available round the clock to suffice student needs so that parents remain at peace.

  • Students at boarding school as the most satisfied with their school journey.

The last fact has to be fun; it has been recorded in studies that students that reside in boarding schools are more satisfied with their school experience. Isn’t it cool?

You can experience this enjoyable yet educating journey by joining Saigrace Academy, the best boys residential school in Dehradun. We make sure a student takes away as much knowledge as possible from his school journey, boarding school is an enriching experience and we suggest you try it out at least once in your school life.