Do you manage or own a building with air conditioning systems? If so, you must have TM44 inspection reports done. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2007 (EPBD) was a catalyst for the creation of new legislation. These regulations (the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007, which were time-sensitive and require immediate action from property managers and owners) are mandatory. If you don’t comply with these deadlines, you will be in violation of the law.

The deadline requirements have been met. However, the resulting TM44 report is only valid for 5 years. They will need to again be reviewed within this time period. For buildings that have existing cooling systems, the inspection deadlines were January 2009 for systems over 250kW cooling and January 2011, for systems over 12kW cooling. If your building was built after January 2008, it is important to have an air conditioning inspection completed before five years.

Air Conditioning Reports

These inspection reports are legal requirements, but companies are realizing they also have a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions. This will be possible by having your air conditioning systems inspected and the report provided by your assessor.

An TM44 inspection report can give you an assessment of your air conditioner’s efficiency and offer suggestions for improvements. These recommendations could include suggestions on how to maintain and repair your air conditioner, or tips about how to make it more efficient. These experts will assess whether your air conditioning system is suitable for its purpose and location. Your air conditioning report will tell you what to do. You may be able not only comply with law but also reduce your energy consumption. tm44 inspection cost

Your assessor must follow the TM44 document. It has been professionally prepared as an industry standard for all air conditioning inspections.

Conforming to the Air Conditioning Regulations

It is strongly recommended that you immediately correct any omissions in your legal obligation to have your air conditioner systems inspected. Large companies must be more responsible for corporate and social responsibility. You also have to ensure that employees are safe at work. Your air conditioner system must be checked and assessed to ensure you meet all legal requirements.

Failure to comply with Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations can result in a fine of PS300 by your local authority. This fine applies to each building. Additional fines will be imposed for failure to meet your legislative responsibilities. Many building owners and managers don’t comply with these important regulations. Get in touch today to arrange an inspection.