We sell mixers of the highest quality, including both stand mixers and heavy-duty mixers.

Mixers are highly sought-after kitchen counter equipment among chefs and bakers, which makes sense. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing bread, cookies, or cakes, it might be worth investing in a tool that can help you save time.

A stand mixer may produce higher-quality results in less time and labor than a traditional mixing bowl and whisk. In the kitchen, a bowl and whisk may take longer to prepare baking recipes than a stand mixer. There is no better investment for enthusiastic bakers than a powerful mixer.

Customers’ requirements were taken into consideration while designing the Kitmens light-duty tabletop best stand mixer malaysia. The following three most common attachments are included in this machine:

Flat Beater:

The flat beater is the most common baking equipment, used to flatten cake dough, biscuit dough, and mashed potatoes.

Dough Hook:

A dough mixer with this shape is sometimes referred to as a kneader. It comes in upright and horizontal versions.

Wire Whisk:

The procedure of mixing two or more fluids in a mixer to produce whipped cream, glaze, and meringue.

The KM-B5 is a fifth-generation high-performance stand mixer with five distinct capabilities:

The LED display features a countdown timer. You may use the 800W DC motor to increase your cave. Steel is used in the chest, which indicates it’s durable and long-lasting. Steel gears are both robust and long-lasting.

To add components, the mixer is rested on its back to make it simpler.

This stand mixer from Kitmens is designed for serious bakers who require a robust device. The engine has a 575-watt capacity and can handle the most complicated jobs with ease. With the tilt-back head, it’s simple to get to the bowl.

The Bowl Lift’s design makes it simple to raise and lower the bowl, allowing you to quickly access it while adding ingredients or changing attachments. The motor is powerful enough that when the mixing begins, you won’t need to hold on to the rack while it works, but there isn’t a retractable cord provided with this stand mixer.

The Mixer’s stainless steel wire whip, dough hook, flat beater, pouring shield, and instructional DVD are all included. The mixer is available in 20 different colors and measures 17 by 9-1/2 by 13 inches (W x H x D).