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October 23, 2021

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What’s ImmiAccount? Everything you need to know

Our world today is accelerating towards digitization. All the paperwork hassles are now shifted to computerized data and systems, like in Australia’s ImmiAccount for visa applicants! The platform allows you or an agent facilitating applications on your behalf a simple way of doing things while freeing up time that would otherwise be spent dealing with tedious administrative tasks associated with immigrating internationally (or moving domestically). ImmiAccount is a primary component of Australian migration that every migration agent must know of. However, information is only found when sought. Thus, a lot of migration agents along with their clients are plain unknown about it. What can you do with an ImmiAccount? You can use an ImmiAccount to apply for the following: The Year Partner visa (subclass 309) The Partner visa (subclass 300) The Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) The Prospective Marriage – Non-Award special eligibility sub visa (subclass 307) The Prospective Marriage Visa – Temporary Visa – Low Integrity subclass 313 The Bridging Visa A (subclass 160), if you are outside of Australia and have arrived in Australia on a Bridging Visa. You cannot use an ImmiAccount to apply for the following: The work & holiday visa is called the Work and […] read more
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What Is Immiaccount And Why You Need Immiaccount?

What Is Immiaccount? ImmiAccount is a web-based visa management service introduced by the Australian Government to provide an “anytime, anywhere” approach to electronic lodgement and status checking of temporary and permanent visa applications. It was launched on 31 October 2012 after prior testing with stakeholders such as travel agents, lawyers, employers, universities and councils. With nearly 3.4 billion internet users worldwide and growing, the potential for attracting migrants in Australia with Immiaccount is tremendous. The benefits which ImmiAccount offers also include convenience for applicants themselves who can wait for their visa at home or work rather than making time-consuming visits to the immigration office during business hours. The service provides easy access to information about any obligations either before entering Australia or during the visa application process. This information, such as health and character requirements, can be found online at before the applicant even begins an application – this ensures they start their visa process with complete knowledge of what is required of them and that they do not end up encountering problems later on in the process. ImmiAccount also offers convenience for Australian permanent residents who may want to stay connected with family and friends overseas: applicants living […] read more
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CRICOS Code: Every Information You Need In The Nutshell

What is CRICOS code? The CRICOS code is a numerical designation for higher education qualifications in Australia and New Zealand. This system was established to standardize the certification process, as it had been previously individual universities or colleges who were responsible for issuing their own degrees out the way back when. Nowadays, though, all those different educational bodies have united under one banner, which makes getting your degree more accessible than ever before; not only that but there’s also more flexibility with course selection because every institution does things differently. The reason’s so essential to secure your interests and well to be when studying abroad, let alone doing an internship or Ph.D. at a university with this nationally recognized stamp of approval? Education agents are partnered up with verified universities who offer courses that meet these high standards – so you can find what you need without the hassle. The purpose behind the CRICOS code CRICOS registration and code is the perfect way to ensure your international student’s well-being. With it, they can search courses with a registered institution or CRIS codes effortlessly. Education agents partnered with these universities are secure because their services have been recognized for years by […] read more
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