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October 14, 2021

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What is Hypothyroidism|Effect Of Hypothyroidism on Unborn Child

Hypothyroidism is commonly found in pregnant women. The condition occurs when thyroid glands start producing inadequate levels of thyroid in your body. Women in their child-bearing age are at higher risk of getting hypothyroidism than others, which is why regular monitoring of your thyroid hormones is important during pregnancy. Hypothyroidism has a strong impact on the fetus, as the unborn baby relies on maternal hormones for growth. This shows that any imbalance in your thyroid hormones can lead to complications in your pregnancy. How does it affect the Fetus? The thyroid gland of an unborn child doesn’t develop in the early stages of pregnancy. For the first few months, the fetus is completely reliant on the mother’s thyroid hormones for development. In fact, the development of the thyroid glands does not start in your fetus until the second trimester starts. Thyroid hormones are responsible for the brain development of the fetus, which means the deprivation of this hormone due to hypothyroidism can have a serious impact on your child’s growth. Women who developed hypothyroidism during pregnancy reported slow psychomotor development of their child, as well as, lower IQ problems. That doesn’t mean every woman with hypothyroidism struggles with a healthy […] read more
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