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December 3, 2021

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8 Expert Tips to Maximise the Life of Your Hedge Trimmer

Hedges provide wonderful landscaping features to our gardens, from providing shade and seclusion to adding unique shapes and textures. But unfortunately, hedges require constant upkeep, or they quickly become wild and quite an eyesore. Manually cutting a hedge may be a time-consuming task, which is why powered hedge trimmers are among one of the most popular outdoor power tools! Powered hedge trimmers can efficiently trim a hedge into any form conceivable and maintain it to look healthy. But while hedge trimmers are lightweight, simple to use and save time, they require far more upkeep than traditional lopping shears. Like with other power tools, owners must regularly maintain, clean, service, and store their hedge trimmers if they want the tool to last, or it will lose its performance over time. So, let’s look at some straightforward strategies to keep your hedge trimmer performing reliably for years to come. How to Effectively Operate Your Hedge Trimmer to Maximise its Life Usage Although often overlooked, the way you use your hedge trimmer will extend the life span of your equipment. For example, as your hedges grow, they become pretty woody, with thicker branches and a much sicklier appearance. Therefore, to ensure your hedge trimmer isn’t […] read more
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