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December 1, 2021

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Hotel MJ Grand Inn

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Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and natural beauty the MJ Grand Inn one of the luxury hotels in Dehradun provides the best of the services to their visitors in all form and variety. With bigger spaces, customized services and modern technologies involved MJ Grand Inn the luxury hotels in Dehradun have everything that a person aspire in a well-maintained hotel room. With a successful interior decor, any hotel can convert the normal space into a great experience. If you are planning to visit the local attractions of the Dehradun  one can stay at the lavishly decorated rooms at the hotel MJ Grand Inn. Here we are providing the very simple yet unique tips that can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your rooms in hotel.   -COLOUR COORDINATION  A most important part of any space is the colour coordination maintained in any hotel room. A colour palette that fits the occasion, the location and the lavishness of the place are the primary requirement for your rooms to speak volume and appear beautiful as the best luxury hotels in Dehradun Hotel MJ Grand Inn. For example – if a hotel is located in a hilly area, the interior designs can be with a […] read more
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Never miss a chance to party because recalling those evenings when you got sloppy and danced on the tabletops with your buddies is what makes for the most cherished lifetime memories.   While looking for a bar and lounge in Dehradun for partying, you must keep notice of few elements that make a party more exciting. As our busy lives have left us with barely a few weekends, you must make sure that you live them to the fullest, so that, you are reenergized to get back to work.   Apart from your crazy mates, some more factors that elevate the spirit of a party. While booking the best pub in Dehradun, keep your expectations up and don’t settle for less because you only got one weekend to enjoy and nothing should ruin it.   So, here are five things that you must know that makes a party more exciting. While picking up a bar and lounge in Dehradun, make sure these things are in place.   Interior and lighting Party vibes hit different when the interior is theme-based and the lighting setup is brilliant. We know you all want those pictures of yourself grooving under the club lights musing. […] read more
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Weekends are incomplete without a few ambrosial mocktails and amazing friends. Don’t you love that feeling when the lights are hitting you, the bass is pounding in your chest and, you’re sipping onto a sparkling blue lagoon?   We all love it, right!–   Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks made by mixing various juices, syrups and beverages, especially for people who don’t consume alcohol. People love mocktails and are easily available at the best bar and lounge in Dehradun.   Being said that, today, in this article we’ll recommend you few mocktails that you must try. This list has been curated after the feedback we received at our Zion Bar and Lounge in Dehradun.   First in the line is   #1 Virgin mojito – Everyone’s go-to drink has to be mojito.    It’s a perfect drink for summers and literally, not a single person hates it. The drink is infused with some lemons, mint leaves and sugar syrup. Believe us, it’s a classic.   #2 Spicy Tomato – You can call this drink the sister of bloody Mary as it is made with tomato juice, Worcester sauce and lemon juice. You can find this drink in any lounge in Dehradun.   […] read more
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A successful corporate meeting can get you that big fish in the market. It can strengthen business relationships and allow people to network. If you are looking for the best corporate event hall in Dehradun, then you have landed on the right article.   In today’s write-up, you will understand the facilities MJ Grand Inn provides for conducting business meetups. We will state all the details in the latter part of this article.   Reputation, networking and forging a business relationship is essential part of corporate meetings. We have a great understanding of all these aspects; thereby, we comply to give you full support from our side.   In the past years, people have conducted several corporate meetings at our hotel. We take immense pride in our guest’s feedback, which states, it is the best conference hall in Dehradun to conduct corporate meetings.   Now, let’s ponder over the details of MJ Grand Inn’s conference hall:   Our conference hall is spacious with the capacity to hold 70-100 people at a time, and it has all the amenities that the best corporate event hall in Dehradun should have.   Facilities such as:   Projector   We offer the best audio-visual […] read more
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