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October 18, 2021

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Contact lenses are used by 150 million people worldwide, these can be worn to correct vision or for cosmetic purposes. Contact lenses are used to correct a range of refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and so many other eye diseases. Now the question is whether you should wear lenses or not. For a correct opinion, you should ask an eye doctor. Shree eye care hospital is the best affordable eye hospital in Uttarakhand and you can always visit us whenever you come across an eye problem. Shree eye care hospital is one of the best affordable eye hospitals in Uttarakhand which provides the best eye care services in Uttarakhand and patients are always satisfied after their appointment. But before using contacts you should look at both the pros and cons of using them:                       PROS                      CONS Contact lenses give the wearer a full field of vision as they move with the eyes. Aesthetically pleasing as well. Contact lenses may need some maintenance and hygiene. It can create some complications for the wearer if they don’t use it properly as directed. They don’t get steam up like glasses when you drink tea or any hot drink. Ignorance in the maintenance […] read more
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Can you suffer from eye issues due to thyroid? 1 in 3 people with thyroid problems gets eye problems which result in conditions like thyroid eye disease or Graves’ ophthalmopathy. If you are suffering from this problem then reach out to the most affordable eye clinic in Dehradun. Thyroid eye disease is a medical condition in which a patient experiences dry eyes, watery eyes, red eyes, bulging eyes, double vision, or a problem in closing eyes. This occurs because the eye muscles, eyelids, tear glands and fatty tissues behind the eye get inflamed.   TED (Thyroid Eye Disease) is an autoimmune disease that occurs in people whose thyroid is overactive, underactive, or even when it’s functioning normally. Patients with TED need proper care and should be looked after by an ophthalmologist. If you suffered from TED recently then do reach out to the best eye doctor in Dehradun to receive adequate care and attention. Who can get TED? People with thyroid problems sometimes get Graves’ disease and TED is the aftermath of Graves’ disease. At our hospital, we have the best eye doctor in Dehradun who suggest that smoking must be quit if you have thyroid problems because if you don’t […] read more
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In the blink of an eye, everything went online. Office work turned into work from home and schools went online on zoom classes. This sudden shift made all of us sit in front of the screen for hours. Prolonged screen time has detrimental effects on your eyes but we mostly ignore them. Humans are addicted to technology. We spend most of our time on computers or cellular devices for fun and enjoyment. Little do we know how seriously this habit impacts our eyes in the long run. We as the best eye care service provider in Uttarakhand advise you all to notice the symptoms and start taking care as early as possible to protect your eyes. You will notice few symptoms if you spend considerable time on your computer or phone: Strained eyes. You might have double vision. Blurry vision and if you are experiencing that then you should perhaps consider visiting the best ophthalmologist centre in Dehradun. Dry eyes and dizziness. Reach out to an affordable and best eye hospital in Dehradun so that you can take the necessary precautions. Now let’s talk about the different ways you can use to curb the effects of technology and protect your eyes: Maintain […] read more
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Laser eye surgery or LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses) is a refractive eye surgery for the correction of eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It’s a permanent alternative to glasses or contact lens. If you have any serious eye problems and LASIK eye surgery seems to be the cure then you must visit our eye care hospital in Uttarakhand as it’s best known for LASIK that treats all vision problems of the patients. In normal eyes with perfect vision, the light refracts through the cornea onto the retina at the back of the eye whereas, in the case of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, the light bends incorrectly leading to blurred vision. The treatment in our eye care hospital in Uttarakhand for this medical condition happens to be LASIK surgery in which doctors use a cutting laser is to precisely change the shape of the cornea to improve vision. If you’re considering laser eye surgery then we are assuming you already wear glasses or contact lenses therefore you must consult with the best ophthalmologist in Uttarakhand to know if this surgery will work for you or not. Now that we know what LASIK is, let’s move on to the benefits and effects […] read more
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