Metal Finder App: Hi friends, In this post, we will share with you the best metal detector apps. With the help of these apps, you can easily find any metal like gold, ring, chain, coin, keys, etc. If you can’t afford a real metal detecting machine, these mobile metal detecting apps will help you a lot. You can download these applications on your Android and iPhone. If you ever lose some metal items or can’t find them. So that you can easily find them with the help of the apps provided in this post-Best gold detector in the world


Best Metal Detector Apps


If you have a lot of metal parts and you don’t know what metal it is. So you can detect all those metal pieces from these apps. All of these applications will provide you with the correct information for all metals. Here we also offer you the gold search app, which will help you detect gold. So folks, let’s start with the 10 best working metal detector apps in the collection.


Top Metal Detector Apps for Android and iPhone

1: metal detector

This is the best app for detecting metals. It has more than 1 million downloads on the Play Store, and the size of this app is only 1.2 Mb, which is relatively light. This application detects the metal around you using the magnetic sensor present on your phone. It turns your regular cell phone into a metal detecting machine. So that you can make your friends jealous by showing them; after opening this application, you cannot place it in front of a computer, television and any electronic device because this magnetic sensor makes the metal detector less powerful.


This application uses an emf detector and emf sensor to find metals. The electromagnetic field is for metal detection and IMF reading. The metal detector meter in the application can also be used as an EMF meter. Start detecting metals today by downloading this application.


Metal detector

Developer: Dexati

Price: Free


2: metal detector PRO

This is a paid app that has been purchased by more than 1 lakh of people from the Play Store. It also measures the value of the magnetic field and gives you an indication of the metal. In any area where metal is present, its magnetic field value increases there. From which, you can quickly tell that this place has the presence of metal. This app works best in detecting metals at a distance of up to 15cm. The accuracy of this application depends on the magnetic sensor of your phone.


The better the magnetic sensor on your phone, the better it can detect metals. If you use a phone case on your phone, you will have to remove this case while detecting the metal. If you don’t remove this case, your phone won’t see the metal correctly, and you won’t get anything. Buying these metal detector apps can be beneficial for you.


Metal detector PRO

Developer: Gamma Play

Price: 2,29 €


3: iPhone metal detector


If you have an iPhone device and you need metal detection apps. Then you can use this application on your iPhone. This application has been present in the iPhone application store since 2012, which also has an excellent rating, and many people have also downloaded it. This app is the best for finding magnetic metals. Like steel, iron, etc.


4: Tesla


Tesla is another one of the best metal detecting apps for the iPhone. This application is straightforward to use so that it can detect metallic objects and electromagnetic fields. If you take measurements for a long time with this app, you can record and analyze them later. This application provides measurements in micro Tesla units (µT). The design of this app is also a relatively clean and responsive user interface that you can comfortably use on your iPhone and iPad.


5: intelligent metal detector


You can also download this app if you need the best metal detector app for your iPhone. You can find whatever metal you wish. This software measures the magnetic field around the metal and displays it as a metre on your phone’s screen. Your phone will begin to vibrate if it senses any metal. You may adjust the sensitivity of vibration and sound effects in the settings.


6: HD Gold and Metal Detector

If you need a gold detector app, this is the best one for you. With this application, you can find any metal, including gold and silver (ring, bracelets). When this app detects a metal-based item, such as gold jewellery, your phone starts to beep loudly. All metal detector applications use magnetic sensors to find metals. By using this sensor, this app also turns your phone into a gold scanner app. So definitely download it and


HD Gold and Metal Detector

Developer: appspouch

Price: Free



7: metal detector

If you want to detect metal from your Android phone, then it is essential to have this application on your cell phone. Because with this application, you can easily see any metal. It is the most prevalent metal detector app on the Play Store.


This application calculates the magnetic field value and decides whether or not the metal will be present.


If you want to find electrical cables inside your wall, you can also use this app there. The precision of the tool is entirely dependent on the sensor of your mobile device.