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Bidvaluable Auction is a professional Australia online auction website providing an auction platform for users. There are various Asia antiques, European antiques, jewelleries, ornaments, antique furniture, fine arts, paintings, motor cars, 20th Century decorative arts, ceramics, designers’ crafts, handmade rugs, brand new designer clothing, etc. We are also providing a platform for users regarding objects or assets they don’t want any more, but other users may need. Bidvaluable Auction has a wide range of Chinese and Oriental antiques for sale at Bidvaluable Sydney auction house, including precious Zitan (紫檀), Huanghuali rosewood (黄花梨)furniture, antique porcelain, pottery, bronze, fine decorates, cloisonne, brass, stone jade, precious stone, antique wood, etc.
We manage the sales from start to finish which contains taking pictures or seller sending their pictures, listing the items, handling the transactions, arranging collection, shipping, and paying you the bidding price.
Our professional staff can offer you free advice with the best opinion for your assets. We provide detailed receipts or invoices and electronic tracking on all sales.