Bouncy castle rental is great for children’s parties. They can be hired indoors or outdoors so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like.

The best way to find a bouncy castle to hire is to use the search engines to search for “bouncy castle hire ###'” in your area. Look at the top 3 websites. At least one should be a quality business. This means that prices will be affordable and there will not be any surcharges, except for overnight hire or the need for a generator.

Also, ensure that the photos on the website are the actual images of the bouncy castles you will get on the day. This is common because many people rent out old 3rd-hand bouncy castles on weekends by using stolen pictures from other websites.

Asking these questions will ensure that your bouncy castle arrives on time and is of high quality.

  • How old is the bouncy house? Fine if it is less than 3-4 years old
  • Are they made in the UK according to British Standard BSEN 14960? This ensures that safe materials are used that are not irritate skin, are fire resistant, and are non-irritating to the skin. The bouncy castles are safe enough to be used, and strong enough to withstand any forces, such as wind, rain, etc. Wind, children bouncing on them, etc. Some bouncy castles feel so fragile that you can see the ground beneath them when you sand on them…imagine if this was your child’s head!
  • Is the inflatable equipped with an RPII Initial Test Certificate and a PIPA Tag (an annual safety inspection similar to MOT’s for cars in Britain)? This ensures that inflatables continue to comply with the British Standard each year they are manufactured.

Many companies import cheaper, less-standard bouncy castles from China. These inflatables may not be as safe or as good as those made in the UK. These companies are not recommended.

Castles made in the UK are more expensive and require less air pressure. With a quieter fan, they reach equilibrium pressure faster. You will save money on electricity by hiring a quality company. Your children will also be safer because the equipment is partially deflated.

Although I doubt that the average person will think about all this when they book a bouncy house, it is worth thinking about. It’s always better to have a brand-new inflatable delivered promptly than an old, non-bouncy castle that was delivered late or not at all. Imagine children’s parties in a sports hall where the inflatable doesn’t arrive. The kids would be devastated. The difference between some hire companies and others is that they have staff with spare vans and equipment, which allows them to keep the booking even if staff are sick.

The UK’s largest Trade Organisation for the Bouncy Castle & Play Inflatable Industry BIHA.