Diabetes. A disease that affected 77 million people in India and placed our country as the second country with the highest cases of diabetes in the world.

What is diabetes?

Before diving into the topic, let’s discuss the disease.

Diabetes is a condition that occurs due to the high levels of blood glucose or blood sugar in the human body. Too much blood sugar can give rise to many medical diseases. Thus, maintaining sugar levels in the bloodstream can help prevent many problems.

Now the next question arises.

Can diabetes lead to eye problems?

The answer is YES.

High blood glucose levels can result in a multitude of eye diseases. Treat eye diseases as early as possible if you are a diabetic person. Increased sugar levels in the bloodstream result in eye blood vessel damage that leads to the most severe diabetic eye diseases. Visit the best eye hospital in Dehradun to receive treatment from top eye specialists. A diabetic person must be aware of the signs and symptoms to prevent complications.

On that account, we’re listing below common symptoms of Diabetic eye diseases that you must watch out for.

In the early stages, not a lot of symptoms occur, but when they appear, these are the issues a person faces:

–      Blurred vision.

–      Slight vision loss.

–      Frequent change in vision.

–      Appearance of dark spots or floaters.

–      Glares of light.

If you observe any of these signs, reach out to the best eye doctor in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and take the first line of treatment as suggested.

Now, let’s talk about the serious eye conditions that fall under the spectrum of Diabetic eye diseases. Diabetic retinopathy or Neovascular Glaucoma, Cataracts and Diabetic macular edema are the few eye conditions that originate due to high blood sugar.

Let’s discuss these eye condition that gets triggered due to diabetes in brief:-

Diabetic Retinopathy or Neovascular Glaucoma – Poor management of blood sugar leads to the damaged retina. Due to the blockage of blood vessels, symptoms like blurry and dark vision, the appearance of floaters, difficulty in distinguishing colors, and even blindness occurs.

Cataracts – It is one of the earliest complications in the eyes a person suffering from diabetes observe. Diabetic patients are 2-5 times more susceptible to getting cataracts than non-diabetic people. The higher levels of glucose lead to swelling of the eye lens that causes unclear vision.

Diabetic Macular Edema – The diabetic patient’s already suffering from diabetic retinopathy are more prone to diabetic macular edema. Too much sugar blocks the inner walls of the retina that leading to the protrusion of small bulges. These small bulges ooze out fluid and blood into the central part of the retina called macula, due to which macula swells (edema). It is a serious condition that can end up causing blindness.

When to see an eye specialist?

If you start noticing more floaters in your eyes, constant shaky vision, and more irritating flashes of light, then it is time to visit your doctor. Book your appointment in the best eye hospital in Dehradun and get your diagnosis done, as this can also be a sign of retinal detachment.


The best eye doctor in Dehradun Uttarakhand; recommends maintaining cholesterol levels, blood pressure and avoiding smoking. It helps in preventing any further complications in diabetic patients. The sooner you manage, the better your health becomes.

Being diabetic cannot decide how you live your life if you maintain your health by taking necessary precautions right from the beginning. You can also reach out to us, Shree Eye Care hospital, regarded as one of the best eye hospital in Dehradun for regular checkups and consultations. Always act on the advice of the best eye doctor.

Stay aware and stay fit!