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October 14, 2021

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When you set out for a travel journey many things are excite us but the best of all is a hotel stay experience, isn’t it? Don’t you die to reach your hotel room and jump on those fluffy beds? Exciting right?  Of course, we know!  We’ve hosted a myriad of guests and have provided them with a splendid experience that only a luxury hotel in Rishikesh can offer. So, we know what you people love and how to make you happy. You can also avail our exemplary services by booking us for your stay and have a lavish experience at our luxurious hotel near Rishikesh Ganga. There are countless features that people love in a hotel, we’ve mentioned 15 features here that people love in hotels in Rishikesh near Ganga. Not to forget our hotel provides these features as well First on the list is free and fast wi-fi. No one wants hindrance in networks especially when they are in a place like Rishikesh and wants to tell the online fam about their stay. In-house restaurants and menus in the rooms for ordering food. Suitcase holders and shelf spaces to keep your luggage. A knowledgeable and helpful staff. Lovely toiletries including shampoos, […] read more
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Best Fort in Alwar

Dhadhikar Fort is a beautiful fort established 1100 years ago in the lap of Aravali Hills. It is situated on the top of a small mountain of more than 100 feet from ground level and 342 meters from sea level. The Dhadhikar fort offers 18 opulent rooms. The rooms of the fort are colossal, supremely vivacious, and lavish. With its rich heritage, tradition, and royal culture, Dadhikar Fort is known for welcoming guests with the highest level of hospitality. Dhadhikar Fort is the best combination of beauty and nature. At Dhadhikar Fort, you will get to know about Indian art and culture. At the fort, all the modern amenities are designed anciently. The Fort is perfectly designed with a royal interior.   read more
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Rishikesh is credited to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the World. The Yoga capital of the World provides an abode to wandering souls and one finds such unmatched tranquility in the place that often one stays longer than he had planned down. Rishikesh is full of luxurious hotels and accommodations if you are here to stay for a while.  However, only The Vilana can provide you with the luxurious stay and services that one expects in the lap of nature at this historical and mystical place. Let’s take a look at why you should pick The vilana for your stay in Rishikesh  Demography: The Vilana is located just 17 km from Dehradun Domestic Airport. The Hotel is just 2.5 km from Rishikesh Railway Station and  28 km from Haridwar. Being in proximity to all the important amenities and services, The Vilana is demographically the most suitable and accessible luxurious hotel in Dehradun.  Amenities: Vilana being the best luxurious hotel in Rishikesh, provides the best in-room services such as Coffee/Tea making facilities, Air Conditioning/Heating, In-room safe, Bedroom slippers, Luggage Storage Rack, Wardrobe Almirah, 42” LED Television with satellite channel Complimentary Wi-Fi and Iron Box and Iron Board.        […] read more
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Cheap Luxury Hotels – Enjoying a Luxurious Stay at Reasonable Rates

An overseas vacation or business trip should be a well-disposed experience for all trippers, but their enjoyment of the trip is hourly determined by the standard of their accommodation. Hence, being wet-nursed by the sterling amenities and services of a luxury tavern is asked by numerous trippers who may notwithstanding be put off by its presumably ultraexpensive rates, especially budget trippers. In recent times, luxury taverns are more accessible to trippers of all budgets, including those with a more limited budget. How is that so? The incoming of the Internet has seen a proliferation of cheap tavern deals which include huge savings on luxury accommodation which take just a small quantum of trouble and probation time to uncover. Hence, it’s now possible to taste high class accommodation around the world at a like low cost. Presently’s some advice that will guide you in reserving cheap luxury lodges at value for moneybags rates. Preceding to searching for the informal deals for luxury accommodation, it’s advised that you consider what you really want from your stay in a lodge. You may be preparing to indulge in a heavenly, relaxing lodge experience of your run which would be a highlight of your trip, […] read more
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Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Hotel?

Today, the internet has made finding hotels easy but still choosing a hotel from a wide variety of options can be difficult for your perfect vacation. The Vilana, a luxury hotel in Rishikesh can be a perfect place for your stay. Here at The Vilana, guests get to experience luxury draped in perfection. While booking a hotel there are some aspects that one should consider before finalizing it. To make your stay at a hotel memorable you need to consider some factors as follows: Hotel location If you are on a trip with friends or family make sure that your hotel is in proximity of all the famous tourist places of that city. Make sure that the hotel has shopping malls, transportation facility and medical facilities nearby. The Vilana Hotel, is amongst the few hotels in Rishikesh with all the necessary facilities available nearby. Hotel amenities Check-in the hotel after collecting all the information about the hotel amenities. The modern hospitality service provider understands how important it is to give the guests their desired experience. The satisfaction of the guests is of the utmost importance. Accessibility One thing that you’ll need for your smooth trip will be proper transportation. A rough transportation experience can […] read more
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Hygiene Maintained By The Hotel After Lockdown

We hope you and your family are safe during this covid-19 pandemic. Since the first wave of covid we all are feeling a bit unsafe so to ensure the safety of our guests The Vilana Hotel, the best hotel in Rishikesh, follows a set of guidelines as directed by the governmental bodies to make certain that any guests who visit us stay in good health. At The Vilana Hotel, we are committed to cleanliness and hygiene. The health and well-being of our guests are our topmost priority. In addition to the already effective hygiene measures, we implemented some more measures in our hotel as given in the guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Tourism. Here is the detail of all the measures we have applied as follows: The staff is vaccinated. All the guests are asked to bring RT-PCR reports or vaccination cards. Wearing masks at all times is mandatory for staff. Wearing masks is mandatory for guests too if they are outside their room. All touchpoints like elevator buttons, countertops, door handles, railings, etc. are sanitized regularly. Hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitizers are used while practising housekeeping. The housekeeping staff always wear gloves and change them […] read more
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All Indian Sweets & Snacks

India being a spiritual land piece, hosts back-to-back festivals and each comes with different significance. In such wonderful festivals, sweets play an imperative role. Mouth-watering sweets and Indian festivals are always synonymous. Without savouring yummy sweets, you can’t completely sink into the spirits of jubilation. Just a single bite of an exotic, captivating and aromatic Indian dessert soars you’re craving to desire more. Hardly any festival in India could be imagined without desserts. Traditionally, most Indian sweets aren’t baked, instead they are cooked on the stove top or over an open fire. What are they made of? Well, it depends on the region, but the usual suspects are milk, chickpea flour, semolina, coconut and rice. On their own these ingredients may not sound too appetising but a knowledgeable cook can easily transform them into delectable sweets flavoured with cardamom, saffron and rose water. Milk is incredibly important in India, especially for making desserts. Whether tuned into cheese dumplings, fudge, pudding, ice cream or sauce, milk takes on countless forms to satisfy even the most discerning palate. A small dessert after a meal makes the day. Native treats bring this joy to your doorstep. Order your favourite sweet or snack and get it delivered from our hygienic and authentic kitchens. read more
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Rishikesh Tourism

Rishikesh, the valley of gods and the Yoga Capital of the World, is famous for captivating tons of tourists across the globe to its natural beauty. People come here to attain nirvana, seek adventure and enjoy the panoramic landscapes. You’ll find various cuisines, vivid people and breathtaking mountain views in this city. The vibe which Rishikesh has is rare so, come here on your next vacation.  There are numerous hotels in Rishikesh near Ganga where you can choose to stay. If you are picky, then you must research well before you book a hotel. Pick wisely, in our city we have a wide bracket to fit all kinds of budget for the hotel. From a backpacker to a family, Rishikesh has accommodations for all. Moving on to the places where you can eat, we’ll say you will never be bored. Rishikesh houses countless cafes and restaurants where you can find Italian, Indian, Mexican, continental, Chinese and even Lebanese cuisine. You will also find cafes near the river Ganga where you can enjoy both the meal and the view.    Now let’s talk about the places you can visit in Rishikesh mentioned above. Visit cafes, do sightseeing, enjoy adventure sports and […] read more
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gaya escorts – call girl service in gaya

Rituparna Das is an enormously attractive young model, coming to us from the land of beautiful women of course. read more
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At Sitaram beach retreat, yoga, meditation and pranayama have been incorporated to aid panchakarma and other treatments as a catalyst in the healing process. Our experienced instructors will train you at a basic or advanced level of yoga, based on your prior experience. There are general sessions open to all, but you can also have personal sessions as required and recommended by the doctors to practice exercises that specifically suit your health condition or requirements. *You are advised to avoid yoga and pranayama on the days of the ghee therapy and on the cleansing days. read more
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