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October 14, 2021

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  Discover an unrivalled blend of nature’s most luminous gifts, only at Matara Studio     Matara Studio, a luxury jewelry brand specializing in natural and cultured pearls announces the launch of Matara High Jewelry   Bangkok, Thailand – Matara Studio is excited to announce the launch of our very first collection, Matara High Jewelry. Characterized by a bold style of blending precious metals, pearls, mother-of-pearls, diamonds and novel lines, the collection reveals all of the fantasy of Matara and is the perfect collection for lovers of Matara Signature X style.   Nature is often symbolic of new beginnings. Matara Studio believes that our new and first collection, Matara High Jewelry, has captured the unrivalled beauty of nature’s most luminous gifts – and only feels right for many people looking for a fresh start.   The entire line of jewelry, which encompasses bracelets,rings, earrings and necklaces uses the most exquisite pearls, diamonds and mother-of-pearls to form pieces that are both truly dazzling and intriguing.   Each and every piece of jewelry is unique and is definitely a work of true craftsmanship from Thailand’s most renowned craftsmen, and is meant to be worn and enjoyed for years to come.   “Far […] read more
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25th Gems Pavilion – The Art of Life Celebration

Gems Pavilion 25th Gems Pavilion – The Art of Life Celebration Celebrate 25 years of Gems Pavilion with an overview of our success in creating designs that are stunningly beautiful with exquisite details, a quality that Gems Pavilion is known for as an acclaimed leader of high jewellery.            Since its founding in 1966, Gems Pavilion has striven to manifest beauty as a celebration of everyday life through high jewellery, a universal language that women all over the world associate with beauty and luxury. Throughout the past 25 years, Gems Pavilion continues to stay true to this mission in every step of the process. In the creation of each piece of jewellery, we consider all three elements of high jewellery:  First is the signature touch of Gems Pavilion’s designers. A glance is all it takes to recognize Gems Pavilion’s designs; experience the satisfaction and pride of showing off our creations. Second is our meticulous selection of diamonds and gemstones. Each year, more than 100,000 carats of diamonds enter our screening system. Of these, only 20% meet the Gems Pavilion standard for use in our designs.  Third is our skilled craftsmanship that blends traditional craft with modern technology, customizing designs to […] read more
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Where Can I Buy Certified White Coral Gemstone Online at Best Price?

Coral gemstone, also widely known as Moonga Ratan in Hindi, holds immense significance in Vedic astrology and is an extremely auspicious member of the nine Navratna gemstone family. This marine product commonly arises in two colors, Red and White. After red, Natural White coral is the second most popular form of the coral clan. Real White coral promotes financial stability and cures respiratory & blood-related ailments. It strengthens determination and is considered extremely beneficial for pregnant women and infants. Buy Certified White coral gemstones online at the most reasonable price. read more
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comprar armas de fogo pela internet

comprar armas de fogo pela internet read more
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10 cosas que deberías hacer en tus veinte años

10 cosas que deberías hacer en tus 20 años   Creo que la mayoría de nosotros estará bien.Recuerdo que nuestros 20 años son la parte más desafiante de nuestras vidas. Este es el momento en que nos sentimos perdidos. Es el momento de nuestras vidas donde estamos llenos de incertidumbres y fracasos.    Estamos en medio del sentimiento de que somos n años, pero esperamos que crezcan como estamos en la era de proveer nuestras vidas. Sin embargo, en los años 20, también aprendimos mucho en la vida que realmente traeremos de vuelta hasta que estemos viejos.    En este artículo, les voy a decir las 10 cosas que experimenté que deberían considerar en sus 20 años:   Para superar tus miedos Trae ese paracaídas y ve a Skydive. Intenta estar en una jaula con tiburones blancos. Salta a esa cascada. Si tienes la oportunidad, lo intentaré todo al menos una vez. Una vez, porque creo que ese es el límite de mis miedos. Lo intenté una vez, ¿no?   ¡Lo tengo, chica! Ve a ese bar con tus amigos y emborrachate. No te arrepentirás de no haber ido a un bar y emborracharte con tus mejores amigos cuando tengas […] read more
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