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October 19, 2021

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Consejo de la Centros para el Control y Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) es simple: “La actividad física regular es una de las cosas más importantes que puede hacer por su salud”. El Reino Unido Servicios Nacionales de Salud está de acuerdo: “El ejercicio puede reducir su riesgo de enfermedades graves, como enfermedades cardíacas, derrames cerebrales, diabetes tipo 2, cáncer hasta en un 50%, y reducir su riesgo de muerte prematura hasta en un 30%”. También sabemos que el ejercicio es bueno para nuestra salud mental. Puede mejorar su estado de ánimo y ayudarlo a dormir mejor. También se ha recomendado el ejercicio para ayudar a aliviar la depresión, el estrés y la ansiedad, entre otros desafíos de salud mental. Para muchas personas, la dosis diaria de ejercicio proviene de los pasos que dan cuando van al trabajo, las escaleras que suben cuando se mueven de una oficina a otra y su tiempo en el gimnasio de la empresa. Sin embargo, las restricciones de los gobiernos, como resultado de COVID-19, han significado que muchas personas estén trabajando de forma remota en los últimos meses. Si bien trabajar de forma remota presenta varios beneficios, no es necesariamente bueno para nuestro cuerpo. Nos hace movernos menos, una […] read more
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Creating infrastructure is essential to establish, develop as well as sustain human settlements. Identifying the ideal design for the available space helps clarify and rationalize the investment needed. Implementing appropriate design, manufacturing and erection enables to start dwelling in the shortest possible time.    JADRO STEEL LLP is the first in Eastern India to introduce Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF). Such structure is made with Galvanized steel formed by CNC machine to make various structures such as Standalone Residential Units, Condominium, Bungalow, Villas, Farmhouse, Holiday homes, Office Building, Shopping Mall, Warehouses, Retail Outlet, Hotel, Resort, Automobile showroom, Banquet & Exhibition Hall, Auditorium, Stadium, Hospital, Educational Institution, Clubs, Army Barracks, Low Cost Housing, Labour Quarters, Racking System, etc. THANKS & REGARDS ADITYA SANGANERIA CEO-JADRO STEEL LLP MOBILE- 9830030144 MAIL- [email protected]   read more
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Introducing High Bay LEDs at Chin Power, the number 1 quality and service provider in Thailand

Chin Power, a leader in lighting equipment, lamps, LED lamps for the entire industrial sector would like to present LED high bay lights suitable for use in factories and warehouses.  Bangkok, Thailand – Chin Power has been proud to deliver high-quality LED luminaires of international standards to leading industrial plants, companies and government agencies for over 18 years. All lamps at Chin Power have advantages, whether it is having high brightness performance, being durable for long-time use, our reasonable prices, as well as our after-sales service.  In particular, Chin Power’s LED high bay lamps have become increasingly popular, and are suitable for use as lighting in factories and warehouses as it is designed with the latest technology that uses LED Chip and Driver from world-class manufacturers. They provide long-lasting luminous efficiency and are resistant to all weather conditions. Being energy-efficient LED lights, they have been certified by both domestic and international institutions. Chin Power also provides LED Floodlights to illuminate football fields, tennis courts, golf courses and other open areas. They produce up to 192,000 lumens of brightness with more than 8 special diffusion angles to illuminate a FIFA soccer stadium at 1200 lux. Our spotlights have an extended working […] read more
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4 Advantages of LED Street Lighting

Nowadays, LED street lights have become commonly used in street lamps to light up various routes. The Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand has even begun a project to replace more than 3 million highway lamps across the country with LED lights, and it would appear that almost the whole country is shifting towards the use of LED lights. So what are the advantages of using LED lights in public street lamps? In this article, we’ve combined a list of 4 reasons why LED street lamps are being widely used all over Thailand. LED lights are much brighter, helping helping drivers see the road clear and improving road safety Public street lamps that use LED lights have a higher brightness than high pressure sodium lamps and also have a color accuracy of Ra 70-80. Thus helping road users see more clearly at night compared to old public street lamps. Wide diffusion angle reduces risks that may occur to you life and property LED public street lamps have an ultra-wide diffusion angle, thus allowing the surrounding area to be illuminated better which in turn helps prevent accidents and reduces the risk of accidents on the road, as well as with pedestrians at […] read more
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Danh sách 10 loại máy xây dựng phổ biến nhất

Máy xây dựng là các loại máy móc thiết bị dùng trong thi công các công trình xây dựng hay hạ tầng giao thông. Trong hàng trăm loại máy xây dựng khác nhau thì có khoảng 10 loại máy được sử dụng phổ biến và hiệu quả nhất như danh mục dưới đây: 1. Máy đầm nền (hay còn gọi là máy đầm cóc) 2. Máy bơm nước chạy xăng 3. Máy đầm dùi bê tông 4. Máy cắt sắt 5. Máy uốn sắt 6. Máy cắt bê tông  7. Búa đục bê tông khí nén 8. Máy xoa nền bê tông 9. Máy lu rung 10. Máy đầm nền Trong 10 loại máy công trình nên trên thì máy đầm cóc là thiết bị có hiệu suất cao, giúp tăng năng xuất lao động. Hãy xem thêm 5 loại máy đầm cóc của hãng Mikasa do Công ty Máy xây dựng Hòa Phát cung cấp tại website read more
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Best Wooden Doors

Maxon Door is the best wooden door manufacture in Bangalore. The main door for the home is normally made up of wood it brings the softness and attractiveness of the home. read more
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Main Doors Manufacturing Company In Bangalore | maxong

Maxon Doors have been able to provide a huge range of 3D stylish wooden doors with a variety of designs. We are recognized as one of the leading door manufacturers in India. Maxon Doors involved in offering the best quality M3D doors at an affordable price. At Maxon Doors you can choose modern and classic door designs with different styles, colors, types and eye-catching designs. read more
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Food Truck Manufacturers

We design and manufacture food trucks and trailers in the UAE,saudi arabia,Bahrain, kuwait, Oman, & Jordan, We restore vinatge trailers, trucks and buses. We convert anything on 4 wheel to mobile kitchens. The Food Truck For more information, please visit us at Address:- Al Quoz 2, Street 18b, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tel: 971 54 3093000 Email: [email protected] read more
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