Are you still using an old car or are you planning to advertise it then maintain its price by getting yourself a roadworthy certificate. There are a lot of things that can happen on the road, some of them terrible. These accidents ordinarily develop from simple problems from the car so to keep things from being complicated people now apply these rules. To have at least the minimal requirements of safety of a car before it is set for a ride again. What is a Roadworthy certificate? It’s simply a test done by licensed personnel unto a car to check if it has the ability to offer a safe ride for its passengers. The process is simple, the car just goes to a shop for the examination. If the car passes the test then the certificate is issued. What are inspected here? The mechanics checks the overall performance of the car where parts like the wheels, suspension, transmission, steering, windows, the chassis and overall built of the car. With the simple inspection, the test doesn’t state that the car is in its finest form. It only says that the car is ready for the road bearing at least the minimal […] read more