Human resources are a dynamic component of an organization. People leaving and new people joining in their place is a common occurrence in today’s corporate world. Making sure the right people are promoted or hired for the vacated positions is crucial for business continuity and success. Identifying critical roles and finding the right talent internally or hiring from outside and training them to take over the job when the need arises is succession planning. See Succession Planning 2021 and Succession Planning Check List     Changes in leadership positions are inevitable. This can happen due to a variety of reasons such as transfer within the same organization (in case of MNCs), resignation, critical illness or loss of life, retirement, sabbatical, or termination of employment. While all organizations are aware of these factors and their impact on organizational continuity, many still do not have a well-founded succession plan in place for critical leadership positions.     This lack of succession planning is highlighted in a survey conducted of around 2,800 HR leaders by Gartner’s Global Research and Advisory firm. According to the survey held in January 2020, more than a third of HR leaders said they find it difficult to develop effective senior leaders and 45% reported that they struggle to develop […] read more