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October 15, 2021

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Forklift Training & Licence Assessment

Forklift Training & Licence Assessment From 1 September 2009, training and assessment for a high risk work licence must be undertaken through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Some practical training can occur in the workplace with the approval of the RTO. read more
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Website Designing Company In Delhi

Let’s get to change your website design, and make a stunning website design for your business website, start with us because we are one of the best Website Designing Company in Delhi, we will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business. read more
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Exchange Server Upgrades and Migration with EdbMails.

  If you are on an older version of Exchange, you can move to a newer version using best third party application EdbMails Exchange migration software.  The software can also migrate Exchange server to Office 365 with all mailbox items like Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, Notes, etc.   Key benefits of EdbMails Exchange Migration tool: •    Directly migrates to another Exchange Environment without performing double hop migration •    Performs Auto mapping of source and destination mailboxes. •    Automatically sets the impersonation rights and auto creation of mailbox in the target server. •    Ensures zero downtime during Exchange Mailbox Migration therefore users can maintain the workflow. •    All the Exchange Server versions are supported like Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2019. •    Automatically reconnects and continues with the migration process during intermittent internet connection. •    EdbMails can ensure that there is no duplication of mails in target mailboxes. •    You can also test all the features using ‘Free Trial’ version which offers you 30 items migration from each and every folders.   Know More:Migrate Exchange to Office 365 read more
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VLSI Design Service Company in India

VLSI Design service globally working on multiple industries semiconductor, we are providing one of the best VLSI Design service company in India. read more
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How to Migrate Zimbra, Icewrap, G-suite to Office 365?

To migrate emails from any IMAP enabled mail servers, you can use either manual migration or you can use third-party tool like EdbMails IMAP Migration. Manual method come with various limitations such as mailbox numbers, size, and executing commands etc. So you can use third-party tool like EdbMails IMAP Migration. It has many features for efficient migration from IMAP server to Office 365. Just connect the source and target server with the proper credentials. EdbMails IMAP migration tool supports IMAP Email servers: Google mail – Gmail,,, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Mail UK, Yahoo Mail Deutschland, Yahoo Mail AU/NZ,, AT&T, BT Connect, NTL, O2 Deutschland, T-Online Deutschland, 1&1 Deutschland, Verizon, Zoho Mail,,, [email protected] by USA.NET and many more. Highlights: •Directly migrates mail items from IMAP server to target Office 365/Exchange server. •Automatically maps the source mailboxes with the target mailboxes  •Generates a detailed log report for the IMAP migration •Supports batch Migration in case there are more number of mailboxes.  •Supports incremental G-suite mailbox to target Office 365/Exchange server •You can migrate Gmail mailbox to Shared mailbox, Archive mailbox, and Public folder •You can migrate source IMAP mailbox to target live Exchange server […] read more
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join with nexxadigital

NEXXADIGITAL is the most popular digital marketing academy in India. they mainly focused on improving the skills and development of the people by improving their carrier opportunities and developing them into effective resources for the next generation. start our new career with NEXXADIGITAL ACADEMY TODAY read more
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Best Software Development company – Cubestech

Cubestech is a global professional software company that offers IT consulting, enterprise solutions, products, and services to all types and sizes of businesses across various industry verticals. We specialize in cloud services, mobility, DevOps, quality (engineering/assurance), and next-gen testing, infrastructure management services (IMS), and talent management solutions. read more
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Exchange migration tool

EdbMails Exchange migration is one of the best third party solution which effectively performs the Exchange migration process without any manual interventions. The goal of the application is to make the migration process simple and to provide the best service. For any organization data security is the main concern during the migration. EdbMails ensures the full security on the data to be migrated and maintains zero downtime during the migration.   Know More:Exchange to Office 365 Migration read more
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What’s ImmiAccount? Everything you need to know

Our world today is accelerating towards digitization. All the paperwork hassles are now shifted to computerized data and systems, like in Australia’s ImmiAccount for visa applicants! The platform allows you or an agent facilitating applications on your behalf a simple way of doing things while freeing up time that would otherwise be spent dealing with tedious administrative tasks associated with immigrating internationally (or moving domestically). ImmiAccount is a primary component of Australian migration that every migration agent must know of. However, information is only found when sought. Thus, a lot of migration agents along with their clients are plain unknown about it. What can you do with an ImmiAccount? You can use an ImmiAccount to apply for the following: The Year Partner visa (subclass 309) The Partner visa (subclass 300) The Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) The Prospective Marriage – Non-Award special eligibility sub visa (subclass 307) The Prospective Marriage Visa – Temporary Visa – Low Integrity subclass 313 The Bridging Visa A (subclass 160), if you are outside of Australia and have arrived in Australia on a Bridging Visa. You cannot use an ImmiAccount to apply for the following: The work & holiday visa is called the Work and […] read more
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What Is NodeJS and It’s Benefits for Business Applications

NodeJS is an open source, server-side script. JavaScript has many engines and spider monkey is the first JavaScript engine. It was developed by Netscape. Then so many engines were built. Internet explorer’s engine is chakra. After some years chrome has developed a V8 engine which runs on the top of Google’s open-source scripting engine V8. It’s very fast, lightweight and efficient. NodeJS uses the asynchronous mode of operation, event-driven Input/output rather than using the threads for each process and it is a cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code to run on the server. Why NodeJS? NodeJS uses JavaScript for creating server side applications or we can also use any other languages that can be compiled to JavaScript (like typescript). The JavaScript is written in the same way as we are using in any client-side application. But to develop applications with Node, we need to set up the node development environment. NodeJS is the greatest tool for building real-time web applications and rest API’s. It provides cross-platform applications which run easily on any web. So you basically don’t need anything extra for running up a node application. According to a NodeJS Survey of users 43% of NodeJS programmers claim […] read more
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