A chalazion is a common eye condition, it is a small-growing inflammatory lump in the tear gland of the eyelid. It is not very painful but can cause watery eyes, irritation, blurry vision due to the presence of a lump and may last longer than few weeks. If you observe these symptoms in your eyes then immediately reach out to an eye care hospital in Dehradun for early treatment.

In today’s article, we will discuss the symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention for Chalazion.

We will also look at the severity of when you should consult an eye doctor.

Without any delay, let’s start with the signs and symptoms of chalazion.


–      Initially, it appears as a small, red-colored inflamed area on the eyelid.

–      It can appear on both the upper or lower eyelid, but commonly is seen on the upper eyelid.

–      It forms like a small painless bead inside the eyelid.

–      Redness

–      Blurry vision

–      Irritation

–      Watery eyes.

If you see any of these symptoms, reach out to an eye hospital and get the best eye treatment in Dehradun as early as possible.


–      It appears in people who have underlying inflammation issues that later affects skin or eyes.

–      It can also occur due to chronic blepharitis, acne rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis.

–      Sometimes, it can also occur due to viral conjunctivitis.

–      Other risk factors include viral infections, tuberculosis, skin cancer, and diabetes.

The causes of Chalazion can seem minor initially but can be an underlying sign of disease. Therefore, consulting an eye doctor from an eyecare hospital in Dehradun will be the best decision to protect your eyes.

Home treatments:

This eye infection resolves on its own and needs very little medical support, however, you must not poke it to increase the chances of infection.

There are few ways you can speed up the healing process at home through:

–      Apply a warm compress on the affected area which will open up the ducts and relieve irritation.

–      Gently massage eyelids each day for few minutes to help drain the fluid more easily. Massage with clean hands to avoid further complications.

–      Over counter treatments. You can consult an eye specialist and get medicine as prescribed from a good pharmacist.

Medical treatment:

Surgery – a severe chalazion can be treated with surgery to drain the fluid out. Get the best eye treatment in Dehradun from Shree Eye Care Hospital, an eye specialist would use local anaesthesia to perform this surgery. Doctors also recommend oral antibiotics.


–      Avoid wearing eye makeup.

–      Don’t rub your eyes often.

–      Ensure your hands are clean when you touch your eyes.

–      Avoid dust and air pollution by wearing glasses.

–      Replacing eye contact after every few months.

When to see an eye doctor?

If the chalazion doesn’t heal within one month then reach out to the best eye care hospital in Dehradun and the ophthalmologist will prescribe the line of medical care accordingly.

Take care of your eyes and protect them as much as possible to prevent unnecessary infections. If any severe issue arises then make sure to receive the best eye treatment in Dehradun from Shree Eye Care Hospital.