“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, a brilliant quote said by Albert Einstein. Creativity is more than just art, it exists in everyday activities associated with ideas, problem-solving qualities and perception.

Being the best Boys CBSE international school in Dehradun, we encourage student’s creativity and present them with opportunities where they can bring life to their creative ideas.

We believe that creativity doesn’t always mean that to be creative you have to be artistic or musical. A brain that is designed to solve problems, generate new ideas and have intuitive ‘eureka’ moments can also be labelled as a creative mind. This type of creativity incorporates into your everyday life and give your ideas that you can use in your studies, art or business in future.

Originality- the quality of being novel and unusual. When you create something, originality will be a part of it and it will always be distinctive.

Every person has originality in their creative work.

We are made up of different and unique life experiences which facilitates creativity to bring all useful aspects to focus on one problem hence our creative expression is original and special just like we are.

We give our students time and space to be creative in any sense they want because we know our responsibility to raise individuals to their optimum level of creativity as the best boys CBSE international school in Dehradun. Finding time to be creative also gives a chance to relieve stress, explore self-expression and become confident.

We provide an environment to our students where their creativity flows. Creativity is one of the soft skills which will help students in their future professional lives. Our students’ imaginative and inventing skills has contributed to making our school the best boys CBSE international school in Dehradun.

On the whole, remove yourselves from limitations of rules and convention, and make time to play intellectually and creatively. Having a creative expression creates a feeling of well-being, satisfaction, proficiency and pleasure.

This will make you bright and bring you a lot of joy.

So, all in all, creativity makes you a ‘happier you’!