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I just got scammed of $20,000 from a forex trading scam. How can I recover my money back urgently?
The only way I know it could be possible is to provide all required information related to the BTC transfer transaction to a legitimate recovery bitcoin security agent to be able to help you request back your scammed trading transaction back from the forex trading scam.
Btc and of course in less than 4hours after the complain has been lodged in by the recovery expert to the btc domain your money will be back on your wallet urgently without a questionable doubt.
I was actually fooled and scammed by someone I trusted with my btc through a scam forex trading transaction we did and I feel so disappointed and hurt knowing that someone can steal from you without remorse after trusting them, So I started searching for help legally to recover back my scammed btc and and just in, i came across this Approved and government stamped recovery agency security website (Prime currency trading protection ) which I can tell has helped so many people who had contacted them regarding such issues and without a questionable doubt their btc was returned back to their wallet in less than 4hours, but mine was actually faster it took the expert 2hours to help me recover my btc and the best part of it all was that the scammer was actually located and arrested by the local authorities in his region.
Hope this helps as many people who actually got scammed of their btc, thanks and God bless.
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