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Yea, I was once a victim to Fedio binary option when they scammed me of my hard earn at $675000 and they still kept calling me assuring me that they can multiply my funds and that always made me overwhelmed with Joy.
Gosh, I made an initial deposit of $62000 of which in 2weeks Turned to $363000 and each time I’ve tried to make withdrawal, they kept asking for more deposits for tax and more boosting signals. Dam it, I reported the situation to my bank and therapist as it was already becoming a burden and issues I could not hold anymore. Tears flow down morning and night 🤔 until my therapist referred me to the ‘Prime Currency trading Protection’ company of which their cyber unit started trailing my payment to Fedio and they were able to uncover the identities behind the scammers. I only got back 80per of my money back even without no Upfront payment for processing. Yes, I really Recommend the PrimectProtection teams tho. But, we still all have to be watchful out there from Binary and other investments companies.
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