Basic rules for your daily maintenance

To avoid allowing stains time to get stuck on your beautiful worktop, it is best to intervene quickly and easily. To do this, opt for a little elbow grease and a cloth dipped in soapy water. The toughest ones will usually be dissolved with household alcohol. The supporters of 100% natural will opt for a vegetable sponge and black soap. But beware, cleaning methods differ depending on the stones.

Take care of your wooden worktop

Highly appreciated for its aesthetic qualities, wood is also fragile. Use a microfiber cloth so as not to damage it with black soap against the lightest traces. A touch of white vinegar will get rid of all kinds of fat. For the rest, you can use lime. An effective and ecological grandmother’s remedy for cleaning her wooden worktop. Finally, consider coating it with linseed oil to prolong its shine.

Clean your laminate worktop

More sensitive to large differences in heat and scratches, the laminate worktop can be cleaned with black soap and a sponge. It is important to wipe off quickly to avoid streaks and to never use an abrasive product. In the case of grease stains, add a little household alcohol to a cloth. It will restore shine to your work plan!

Guarantee the beauty of its granite worktop

This type of countertop involves careful maintenance to prevent coloured stains from setting in. Whether it is marble and granite, a mixture of hot water and baking soda will help overcome it. To remove fatty deposits, you can add Sommières earth to a damp cloth. Be careful, do not clean your granite worktop with acidic substances at the risk of severely damaging them.



Two products to clean your quartz worktop

Very resistant, the quartz worktop is ideally disinfected with vinegar water. Excellent degreaser, white vinegar is an effective way to keep it clean while promoting its shine. Particularly stubborn stains will not resist acetone. Be sure to rinse with water repeatedly after the stain is gone.

There you have it, nothing can prevent you from enjoying an impeccable work plan in all circumstances  !


How do I clean my worktop naturally?

  • Clean a quartz worktop: with vinegar water, regularly clean the quartz worktop. It will stay shiny and clean. Vinegar is a very effective degreaser and disinfectant!


  • Clean a stainless steel worktop: place a few drops of household alcohol on a damp cloth and rub the worktop. The spots will magically go away.


  • Clean a wooden countertop: Rub half a lime on the wooden countertop to remove stains. You can also use a brush soaked in black soap diluted in hot water.


  • Clean a granite worktop: mix dishwashing liquid and white vinegar and clean the granite worktop with a sponge. If you see any stains, use baking soda with a little water to wash them off.


  • Clean a marble worktop: with hot water and washing up liquid, clean a marble worktop. If a coloured stain is present, use claystone on a damp sponge. If you notice greasy stains, the Terre de Sommières can work miracles.


  • Clean a melamine worktop: mix black soap with lukewarm water, then use it to clean the worktop. Rinse with a damp sponge.

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