Meter boxes are prone to being destroyed. Because yourMeter Box is constantly exposed to weather elements such as wind, rain, and vandalism, you may see wear and tear. The procedure for repairing your damaged meter box is simple and straightforward.

New meter box hinges are being installed.

If your meter box door is damaged, you may be able to fix the broken hinges rather than purchasing a new meter box. The first thing you’ll notice is damage to your meter box’s hinges. Fortunately, changing the hinges is a simple procedure:

1.The present pin must be removed.

2. Install the new door pin hinge in place of the existing one.

3. Use a hammer to tighten it up.

The meter box’s door needs to be changed.

It is suggested that theMeter Box doors be replaced if they are severely damaged. Replacement gas and electric meter box doors are available in a number of styles. After you’ve placed your order for a new door, follow these steps to install it:

1. Make sure the door is the correct size for the frame.

2. Mark the pre-drilled holes where the door pins will be put. Insert a non-corrosive pin into the door’s bottom/top recess with a non-corrosive pin.

3. The pin will bounce back into place and click into place when fully inserted into the predrilled hole.

4. Close and lock the door as you normally would.

If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here is a link to our video instruction. 

A meter box latch was replaced.

If the latch on the meter box is damaged, both the latch and the lock must be replaced. Follow the instructions in our tutorial to replace your meter box latch:

1. Use the latch portion to latch the door from the inside.

2. From the outside of the door, insert the wavy washer, then the latch post, which should then be snapped into place.

3. Turn the key in the lock to ensure the latch is in the proper position.

Before you attempt to repair it, make sure you grasp these Facts About Meter Box Locks.


•       Easy-to-repair internal units

•       Modules for integrating with other systems

•       Inspecting and repairing the front units

•       Repairing meter boxes with front-fixing doors and frames is also applicable to other types of meters. Most meters can be repaired this way.

Around the meter box, the electric or gas R10 units are attached. This enables you to use a damaged or too large meter box.

Fixing devices

R7 to R17 to R18 and R18, R18 and R18, R20 and R20, and R27 and R28 are the fixing principles. Mark the holes on the front or sides of the unit. Drill the holes after removing the unit. To secure the device, use the provided fasteners. Seal the seal with exterior grade medium if you plan to sell the device.

Perth meters have security boxes fitted.

We specialize in home and business security in Perth. Meter box locking mechanisms and viewing windows can be installed by our firm. We’ve been known as Meter Box Man or Meter Box Security since 1991. Paul, the company’s owner and operator, can provide these services. Meter box protection prevents intruders from removing your fuse box or stealing your power. Secure your possessions to protect your home.

The security of the meter box provides an unrivalled view window. What are the distinctions between the two? To avoid damage, the window is put inside an existing meter box.

The installation is done on-site.Its one-of-a-kind view window sets it apart from the competition. 

Meter boxes must be repaired.

Cable Rite Electrician provides superior electrical services to both residential and commercial customers. In Brisbane, our organization has the finest reputation for meter repair. We employ the most current meter boxes to ensure that you and your business have enough electricity.

Your meter box may need to be replaced. Do you have any concerns about this? Your meter box will need to be repaired or replaced from time to time. If a home is being built or remodeled, an electric meter in Brisbane mightbe fixed or replaced. Before selling or buying a home, the meter box may need to be fixed.

Plastic meters should not be sold at markets.

An open meter box with no doors is a frequent sight throughout town. Because of the recent extreme weather in the UK, this ailment is becoming increasingly common.

Meter boxes are made of plastic. If left alone, they will simply fall apart.

The plastic door may appear to be a straightforward option at first, but it will eventually wear out. Repairs are an endless task!

Instead of repairing your wooden meter box, why not fix your metal meter box?

Richardson’s meter box has a metal frame and door that replaces the plastic one. Meters can be quickly and readily connected without having to disconnect them.

An aluminum powder coating on steel is more durable and stronger than an aluminum powder coating on aluminum (GRP). Modify the doorframe’s appearance.

There are a variety of sizes available.

Richardson products can be installed in any meter box. This is the reason for our market dominance. This guide was intended to assist you in matching your box with the appropriate Richardson product.

Except for the brown ground boxes, the meter repair units are powder-coated. 

 Delivery of the product

After receiving your order, we will mail your repair

unit within 48 hours. If you require a big number of units right away, you can

order them in bulk or organize a refurbishing campaign. We can also operate as your store in addition to delivering door and frame units.