The value of a car is determined by many factors, most notably the make and model, for example Japanese cars or European cars will have a higher resale value than Indian cars for sale. Some people will only pay a certain amount for a particular make or model, while others may be willing to spend more. Other factors that affect your car’s resale value are the vehicle history report, mileage on the odometer, overall condition of the vehicle and any modifications made to it. Irrespective however, there are plenty of cars for sale in Sri Lanka for those looking for one, whether brand new or used.


So, here are some things that affect a car’s resale value.


The make and model of the car

One of the most deciding factors of price is the make and model of the vehicle. For example, if you were to sell your car, would they be willing to pay more for a BMW or Toyota?


It is no secret that most people will only pay so much for certain makes and models. For example, Volkswagen cars are very popular in some countries, but this popularity has driven up their price on the used market. This is because it is harder for buyers to find affordable Volkswagens than other brands of vehicle. Conversely, there might also be less demand from potential customers looking at buying one second hand due to greater competition between buyers wanting them, meaning sellers can haggle over better deals without feeling rushed into accepting offers.


Luxury makes and models will obviously fetch a much higher price than a normal car because they offer far more in terms of features and prestige, and are thus in much greater demand. Some brands, such as BMW and Mercedes Benz are also well-known for their high resale value; this is because they offer superior quality parts that can be repaired or replaced easily (meaning cars will last longer), which drives up the price of used models but makes them good investments for buyers looking to resell after a few years when they want something different. Whether luxury or domestic models, a car’s resale value will be decided upon the fact whether there are motor spares parts for sale readily in the market.


Rarity might not seem like an obvious factor at first glance, but it actually has quite an impact on standard car prices too. This means that certain makes or model could command more than usual simply because there aren’t many around; if you choose one with low mileage then this obviously hasn’t been driven by many people either meaning it’s going to retain its value or even increase in price.


There are some other factors that will affect the resale value of a car, but ultimately, it’s important to remember you need to be realistic when deciding how much something is worth, especially if your goal is to make money out of buying and selling second hand cars. What works for one person might not work for another due to differing circumstances so always think logically about what makes sense before making any decisions.


The year that the car was made

The year of manufacture of the vehicle is also a big deciding factor when it comes to resale value. This is because cars that are more modern will generally have a higher resale price, as they tend to be able to go for longer without needing repairs and also include the latest features available on new vehicles.


However older models might still fetch a fair amount of money if their condition is good with no rust or major damage which could make them difficult or impossible to repair easily.


How many miles are on the car

The mileage on the vehicle is another deciding factor when it comes to resale value and this is especially true when you’re selling the car yourself.  If there’s a lot of mileage on the car then it will be worth less than one that’s had fewer miles driven, so take care to drive sensibly and keep your foot off the gas. The more kilometres/miles are on a vehicle, this means that its resale value decreases over time due to depreciation and wear and tear, however experts suggest not driving too many kilometres or miles per year as well if you want a good resale value for your used vehicle.


Whether or not it is a hybrid vehicle, which will have higher resale values because they are less common

Typically, hybrid vehicles will have a higher resale value because they are less common, and there is a great demand for more eco-friendly transportation options these days with more and more people wanting to reduce their environmental footprint.


What colour the exterior of the car is

The colour of the car will also have some significant impact on its resale value. It has been found that black cars will lose their value sooner than other colours, especially white, because they show dirt more easily, and the colour can fade quickly as well.



Finally, when it comes to selling your car, it is important to remember that a car’s resale value can be affected by many factors. There are some things you may not have even realized could affect your vehicle’s worth when you go to sell or trade in.