Never miss a chance to party because recalling those evenings when you got sloppy and danced on the tabletops with your buddies is what makes for the most cherished lifetime memories.


While looking for a bar and lounge in Dehradun for partying, you must keep notice of few elements that make a party more exciting. As our busy lives have left us with barely a few weekends, you must make sure that you live them to the fullest, so that, you are reenergized to get back to work.


Apart from your crazy mates, some more factors that elevate the spirit of a party. While booking the best pub in Dehradun, keep your expectations up and don’t settle for less because you only got one weekend to enjoy and nothing should ruin it.


So, here are five things that you must know that makes a party more exciting. While picking up a bar and lounge in Dehradun, make sure these things are in place.


Interior and lighting

Party vibes hit different when the interior is theme-based and the lighting setup is brilliant. We know you all want those pictures of yourself grooving under the club lights musing. At Zion bar and lounge in Dehradun we provide our guests with an unmatchable vibe, so come soon and try it for yourself.


Scrumptious dishes

How can a party be complete without delectable food? You should always lookout for a place whose menu is a chef’s kiss. Also, look out for food pictures and reviews of the bar and lounge in Dehradun that you’re selecting as it gives a better insight. Savoury food is equal to a flamboyant party.


Electrifying drinks

The best pub in Dehradun has to have the best beverages in the city, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. A variety of drinks adds up to your musings and lets you loosen up a bit more. Grooves don’t come easy until some drinks are gulped, and the party isn’t fun until you start dancing. Pick a perfect place and don’t shy away from a few more shots.


Live music

Live bands are a whole other level of entertainment. At our Zion bar and lounge in Dehradun, we have a live gig for our audience and they love it. The energy, the excitement everything is lovely about those weekends. You should also try live band performances for a change and believe us you’ll find yourself singing along with the band members.


DJ music

While every weekend is not for live music performances, some are just saved for loud EDM music and remixes. The feeling when your arms are up in the air, your friends alongside are doing weird dance steps, the laughter and the fun is unreal. Aren’t those the moments we live for? Always check once with the party place, you’re looking for a rocking music setup so that you can have a blast that evening.


These are the five essential things you should not compromise with while looking for a bar and lounge in Dehradun for party purposes.


Visit Zion bar and lounge in Dehradun, where we host your party and make sure that you can have the most out of your weekend!