If you have observed, wild grass grow can anywhere around us. It can be on vacant lots and other spaces that are not well-maintained. With that observation, we can assume that we can cultivate grass easily. However, the question remains – can we actually grow healthy and green grass? There are, of course, ways to do it. But we should never assume that wild grass is the same as cultivated grass. They may be of the same variety but they are of a different class which means their life cycles are completely different from each other.

This is not to say, however, that we cannot grow good grass in our own yards. In doing so, the following should help:

• Fertilizers and chemicals – Consider fertilizing your lawn during fall. This is the time when the soil is best penetrated, making it good for planting. When the grass grows in spring, it will feast on the nutrients you’ve left for them on the ground. This is the best grass-growing tip any professional landscaper can give and this is also why they grow such perfect grass. Avoid using pesticides and other chemicals because these will adversely affect the growth of grass.

• Mowing process – Always watch your grass’ height. To have beautifully grown grass, set your lawn mower to at least 3 or 4 inches in height. The proportion of the grass blade is the as that of the roots. Therefore, cut grass will eventually fall in to the ground and serve as natural fertilizer.

• Soil testing – There are components of the soil that need to be tested so we can determine the variety of grass that can grow easily on it. This is also the way to determine if the soil fits the grass you want to grow. After soil testing, experts would advise you to either add more soil to add more nutrients or apply some kind of chemical or fertilizer which can help.

• Variety of the grass – There are many types of lawn grass that are cultured. However, each of them has its own characteristic that you need to determine to ensure soil, humidity and temperature compatibility. If you grow the wrong variety, it will be a total waste of time and money.

These are basic considerations you need to make if you want to grow green, healthy grass. Those who don’t appreciate grass may find all of these a waste of time. But those who do will find all the reasons to grow the most beautiful and healthiest grass on kunstgras for personal satisfaction.