Houses for sale or rent in Colombo or anywhere else, come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to deciding between a house or apartment, there are many factors that can make your decision for you.

The first step is asking yourself what your needs are. If you’re looking for more space to grow into, then an apartment may not be the option for you, and if you need less responsibility with upkeep or want to save money on utilities, then buying a smaller house or apartment may be the best choice!

You should remember that there isn’t really one right answer as it depends on your specific situation and lifestyle choices. There are many houses and apartments for sale or rent in Sri Lanka, so the options available are numerous, all you need to do is make the right choice according to your needs and lifestyle.

House Living!

A house is a large piece of real estate and may include a building with several floors and many rooms, to a small two-bedroom one, but set amongst a nice garden or yard. A house may be a new build or an older home that requires some renovations and updating, while you either make it your own or try to retain the original charm. A house is typically purchased with cash which can be advantageous for those who don’t like financial strings attached, but financing options are available if needed. You will have more space than in an apartment and no one else lives nearby so there is privacy too. Plus, everyone loves having guests over and showing off their living space! You can easily find many houses for sale or rent in Kandy and other areas, in any size and style you want.

The advantages of living in a house include:

  • A large yard for a garden and/or a dog.

  • More space with rooms that can be used as an office, work out room or playroom for children.

  • If you have neighbours, they are typically further away from your house which means there feels like less of a chance of someone overhearing personal phone conversations.

The disadvantages of living in a house include the following: 

  • Possibility of someone watching you from outside your house

  • Having to go out in the snow or rain, which can be very dangerous for some people who are more susceptible to getting sick, because of having to shovel snow around one’s home, is a big task that not everyone wants or has time for.

  • Living on such a large property means additional upkeep costs such as gardening services and repairs of any wear & tear from time & weather exposure.

  • There may also be higher taxes due to owning rather than renting.

  • Increased utility bills.

Apartment Living

Apartments on the other hand are smaller units, set within a scheme, with other units located close to each other. There is also a shared laundry and other facilities, which means that you don’t have to work with the upkeep of your own garden or spend money on utility bills. There may be additional fees for parking etc however utilities such as gas/electricity will generally be included in your rental price. The number of apartments for sale in Kandy and elsewhere are steadily rising with more building being constructed all the time. Typically, apartment living provides more close-knit community where neighbours know each other and look out for each other.

Advantages of apartment living may include:

  • Having neighbours who can be a good source of support and friendship.

  • Less responsibility than owning one’s own house, such as having to take care of the lawn or shovel snow in front of your home when it snows outside.

  • Easier access into the city because most apartments are centrally located within cities rather than far away from them like houses often tend to be.

Some disadvantages of living in an apartment could include:

  • If you own a pet, some apartment buildings will not allow pets inside them. This could prevent people from living in an apartment if they have a pet and would prefer to live with it rather than leave their furry or feathered friend behind while going off to work every day.

  • -While there are typically more spaces where you can park your car at home compared to being limited just to one spot outside of the building that is designated for visitors, this might be different depending on whether your family owns multiple vehicles or not. Not everyone has two cars so if someone were looking forward to parking both of theirs outside of their house then perhaps having only one space available may be frustrating since most houses do have enough room for more than one vehicle.

  • There isn’t much privacy due to very thin walls so you might hear things from multiple people at once throughout the day & night.

  • If children live nearby, they can become unruly causing noise late at night, unless some rules are set up early on by management ideally before any new residents move into an area.

Every family has different needs so it’s important to look at the benefits on both ends of this spectrum before making any decisions since some may prefer apartment living while others might want to live in houses. It all comes down to one question: What will make us happy?


The decision to move into an apartment or a house is difficult, but it can be made easier if you consider the following factors. If you’re interested in living near downtown and enjoy being close to restaurants, bars, bus lines, bike lanes and other amenities that are found in cities then an apartment may be best for your needs. On the other hand, if you want more privacy with space for growth then purchasing a home might suit better. Think about what’s important to you when making this life-changing decision so all of your needs are met!