What’s so important about a Domain Name?

It’s everything! A well-researched and chosen domain name could make all the difference in whether you get active web traffic or stay in “browser heaven”, where no one can find your website. You must master the basics of buying a domain to be a successful Internet marketing professional.

While this sounds basic, website builders often ignore it or do it incorrectly. Begin by choosing a topic or area of interest that you would like to market. Niche marketing refers to finding niche markets with high search volume but few matching domain names. For this example, let’s just focus on a niche market you might want to target, such as nurses scrubs.

It’s time for you to visit Google! Register at Google AdWords. It is free and simple. Plus, the Webmaster Tools are unparalleled. Log in once you’ve registered. Next, go to the header “Opportunities”. You will see the word “Keywords” on the left side. Click this link to input your area of interest into the box marked “Find Keywords”. You can list one word or phrase per row, such as scrubs for nurses on one line and scrubs for medical professionals on the next. Click “search” then wait for Google to do their magic.

Google will now display information on a range search requests, including the number of worldwide searches for each phrase or word and the level to which it is competitive. There are 50 pages. Click the box to the right of the word “Keyword” to save all 50. Or you can click the box to move to the next page. Next, click on the download button. Select “Selected” from a drop-down menu. A pop-up box will appear titled “Download selected keywords”, click on it to download. Once the file download box appears, click on “Download Selected Keywords”. A detailed Excel Spreadsheet will be opened with all of your keywords. Highlight column A, and click on Save.

More research
Now, it is time to search for a domain name that matches your keywords or keyword phrases. You have narrowed down your focus by choosing this area of interest. Log into your Go Daddy Account (or create a brand new one). You can search for domain name names with GoDaddy’s amazing tool. Once logged in to Go Daddy click on the heading “Domains” then click “Bulk Domains registration”. You can delete all information by simply clicking the box. Copy the keywords and phrases you found in your Google search and paste them into the box. Next, click on the box that says “Search All TLDs”, and then hit on the big orange GO button.

Go Daddy magic quickly happens and you will see 2 lists. One is the unavailable list and one is your desired-available domain name list. You can now compare the traffic numbers provided by Google with the competition level and select the domain name that you’ll build your site around. It is best to choose a name that receives a minimum of a few thousand search requests each month, with moderate or less competition. domain acquisition service

Domain Names
Time to purchase a domain name. There are many services you can use to register and buy your domain name. Go Daddy has just been used to search for your domain name. They are a top-notch registration service. But, it is possible to register your domain with the specific hosting service you intend to use. Hostgator Blue Host, Host Monster and Host Monster all offer a variety of hosting options. They also allow domain purchases and registration. It is possible to register with one hosting service and point the nameservers at another. This is very common. Many web designers register their websites at Go Daddy and host them with Blue Host or Hostgator.

Prices for domain names will vary depending on which end you purchase (.com.info.net etc.) and how long you have owned them. The ownership period can be from one to five years. Renewing your domain name is simple. You own the domain name as long you pay the registration fees. It’s not a good idea to purchase a long ownership of a domain name until you know if it will be financially viable. See if the domain name is profitable after a year.

Pitfalls & Traps
Keep in mind that people will find your site if you don’t follow basic web design guidelines. They will find your site via search engines, and search engines can be challenging. Do your research. Find out the keywords that are relevant to your market. When buying a domain, make sure it is in good condition. Do not use too many fancy or long domain names. Your chances of being found on Page 1 or 2 of Google are very slim. You don’t need to be afraid of.info or.net endings. No matter the name tail, a domain name that is well-designed and has a great domain name will be found by search engines. Although there are 20 million websites on the internet, it is possible to make your site stand apart if you do your research well and choose the right domain.