To migrate emails from any IMAP enabled mail servers, you can use either manual migration or you can use third-party tool like EdbMails IMAP Migration. Manual method come with various limitations such as mailbox numbers, size, and executing commands etc. So you can use third-party tool like EdbMails IMAP Migration. It has many features for efficient migration from IMAP server to Office 365. Just connect the source and target server with the proper credentials.

EdbMails IMAP migration tool supports IMAP Email servers: Google mail – Gmail,,, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Mail UK, Yahoo Mail Deutschland, Yahoo Mail AU/NZ,, AT&T, BT Connect, NTL, O2 Deutschland, T-Online Deutschland, 1&1 Deutschland, Verizon, Zoho Mail,,, [email protected] by USA.NET and many more.


•Directly migrates mail items from IMAP server to target Office 365/Exchange server.

•Automatically maps the source mailboxes with the target mailboxes 

•Generates a detailed log report for the IMAP migration

•Supports batch Migration in case there are more number of mailboxes. 

•Supports incremental G-suite mailbox to target Office 365/Exchange server

•You can migrate Gmail mailbox to Shared mailbox, Archive mailbox, and Public folder

•You can migrate source IMAP mailbox to target live Exchange server directly. It supports Exchange server versions like 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.


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