With the advent of new technology, more usage of mobile phones, and expansion of places selling junk food children are spending less time on keeping themselves healthy. This is the biggest reason why the best CBSE schools in Dehradun have decided to introduce physical education in their curriculum.

Physical education helps to keep students fit and active as well as develop competence and confidence in them.

The physical education programs help students to build a wide range of skills like socializing, using tactics, generating ideas and ethically playing games or in general, it teaches you to be ethical in life.

Here are a few points coming from the top CBSE schools in Dehradun given below describing the advantages of inoculating physical education in the syllabus:

  • Students who play any kind of sport can concentrate better on any given task and academics as well. Physical activities have a positive impact on the body and a healthy body fully supports attaining desired academic success.
  • Proper exercise fights diseases and child obesity. If obesity is controlled right from childhood, then a child can avoid many fats related problems in the future.
  • CBSE schools in Dehradun like ours makes sure students do take physical activities seriously because it leads to a better quality of sleep. Better sleep results in higher concentration.
  • Stress release and less anxiety are other benefits of more physical activities.
  • Students develop skills like teamwork and leadership while playing sports in groups. Playing sports with peers also strengthens bonding between classmates.
  • Having a fit body is a great advantage that students get especially in today’s world where social media has made most of the youth insecure and cautious about body image.
  • Sports can bring self-confidence and self-discipline to a student.
  • Development of motor skills and strengthening muscles.
  • Regular sports player also has improved behavior at school.

We earnestly take sports and encourage students at Doon World School, the top CBSE schools in Dehradun to take part in physical activities as much as possible. In today’s world where an unhealthy lifestyle and carrying a pile of insecurities due to social media has become a common phenomenon, it is a necessity for young students to take care of themselves and physical education plays an important role in serving the purpose.