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Celine Lumbar 22 x 22 Pillow Cover

Graceful sleep is not just taking the suggested eight to ten hours of shut-eye as depending on what you are sleeping, you may be harming your hair and skin. 

Resting on a 22 x 22 pillow cover will help decrease the appearance of sleep lines, wrinkles on your face. This is quite important for people with acne, as friction can be a huge issue, as it opens up wounds and spreads bacteria in the pillow.

Theceline lumbar pillow cover 

celine lumbar pillow cover is soft to the touch and lets the face slide against pillowcases. Other fabrics, such as cotton and wool, can cause friction while moving. This friction makes

lines, and wrinkles nearby your eyes, forehead, and mouth during sleep!


Celine 20 x 20 Pillow Cover – Graphite

 Our celine20 x 20 pillow cover20 x 20 pillow coveris made of high-quality linen and polyester. This pillow cover has a multi-line color pattern that makes your house more attractive and innovative. We designed

this neutral look that can be combined with any house decor. This pillow set is so cool that you can take it to your farmhouse house for a sofa, chair, or any corner. It can be boho or stylish farmhouse decor.


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