Magazines and financial publications like the Barrons provide the details. Barrons Financial News, a newspaper which is published every week, does an excellent job of providing the financial statements of the week prior and for the coming week, including the expectation of the way that the market will react to the news expected to come out. Therefore, you should always be aware of the economic reports that are scheduled so that you’re not astonished. Wieluń news

It is always recommended to stay clear of the market and avoid trading during the time these important economic reports, such as those from the NFP Report and the FOMC Releases that are deemed to be crucial market movers and shakers. This ensures you don’t get caught in the wrong spot that the market is on. Wieluń

When these crucial economic reports are published, there will be a rapid and powerful reaction from the market. You can’t predict the direction the market is likely to move! First five minutes following the release of the economic report is crucial, so avoid trading during the initial five minutes. Some traders have turned to news trading as their specialty! News trading is extremely risky but , if you’re aware of how to execute it correctly, it could be very profitable! Wieluń informations