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December 1, 2021

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Are you also going to start a small business and you are stuck between choosing a coworking space or a traditional office? Jumpstart, the best coworking space in Dehradun is an office space where you can work, connect, collaborate and create new ideas for your upcoming start-up with the support of the community and a beautiful workspace. We provide the best-shared office space in Dehradun. Here’s how you can decide between hiring a coworking space or opting for a traditional office. But before reaching a conclusion you need to see what kind of business you have? What’s the scale of the business? What are your goals? And what impression do you wanna make on your clients? Keeping all the above points in mind you can decide what you should opt for. Listed below are 7 points that will tell why coworking is better than a normal office: Coworking space Traditional office Diverse workspace. People can move around and sit wherever they like to work. Separation in a workspace. Most people in the office sit in their cubicles which sort of discourages communication. Networking opportunities. In a coworking space, you get to meet new people every day. Great chance of synergy and […] read more
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Wellness is the way to hog heaven in today’s age! We live in a time where work has taken over and we barely have time for ourselves. In such a scenario, taking some time off and devoting it towards our wellness is first and foremost. The fact that we spend 60-70% of our life working or thinking about work tells a lot about the stress we take during our lifetime. Hence, if you work, a wellness space is a necessity. These days most people work from home or rent coworking spaces. This implies that an average working human spends at least 1/3rd of his day in front of a computer screen which is draining. Though we can’t escape work and we should not, however, we can create stress busters within our work environment. That’s why choosing the best coworking space can provide you with a wellness space to ease your life. If you are not aware of the term “wellness space” then let’s start here: Just like any other space in your office or house designated to one specific thing for example kitchen is for cooking, the same concept applies to wellness space. It is an area where you can […] read more
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