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December 3, 2021

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Networking and Structured cabling services in Ajman

Networking and Structured cabling services in Ajman Structured cabling is the arrangement and installation of a cabling system that supports multiple hardware uses and meets the needs of the present as well as the future. With a properly installed system, present and future requirements can be met, and hardware added in the future will be supported.   The key part of structured cabling is that it uses the same twisted-pair Ethernet cable, usually Cat5 or Cat6, in the entire system. A patch panel in the data center or computer room is connected to the RJ45 sockets around the building. be used for phones and data. It’s easy to move things around when needed as the cables and plugs are all the same. Simple patch cables are used to connect equipment to the panel and to connect office equipment to wall outlets.   These days it is common for patch panels to be mounted in standard equipment racks. There is a range of different patch panel options, along with all the cables and other equipment needed to build a structured system. Color-coded patch cables are often used to help distinguish between voice and data connections. Get Networking and Structured cabling services […] read more
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How to update the firmware of the asus router

The firmware of the router has to be updated in order for the router to stay up to date and so that the security of the router is updated as well. The firmware process usually takes only a couple of minutes. Asus releases firmware updates regularly so that the user can stay up to date with their router. Here are the steps to update the firmware for the Asus router: Download the latest firmware for your router from the Asus Support Site and save it to the desired location on your computer. Now, open an internet browser of your choice and type in the address bar of the browser. Press enter. Enter the information regarding your router when prompted. You will be taken to the web based page of the router. Click on Administration panel on the left side of the screen. Click on Firmware Update option. Click Choose File. Search and select the previously downloaded file from your computer and upload it by clicking on the Upload button. The firmware update process will begin. Warning: It is advised that the update process isn’t interrupted anyhow as any interruptions can damage the router and even render it useless. After the firmware […] read more
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