A successful corporate meeting can get you that big fish in the market. It can strengthen business relationships and allow people to network. If you are looking for the best corporate event hall in Dehradun, then you have landed on the right article.   In today’s write-up, you will understand the facilities MJ Grand Inn provides for conducting business meetups. We will state all the details in the latter part of this article.   Reputation, networking and forging a business relationship is essential part of corporate meetings. We have a great understanding of all these aspects; thereby, we comply to give you full support from our side.   In the past years, people have conducted several corporate meetings at our hotel. We take immense pride in our guest’s feedback, which states, it is the best conference hall in Dehradun to conduct corporate meetings.   Now, let’s ponder over the details of MJ Grand Inn’s conference hall:   Our conference hall is spacious with the capacity to hold 70-100 people at a time, and it has all the amenities that the best corporate event hall in Dehradun should have.   Facilities such as:   Projector   We offer the best audio-visual […] read more