Knowing the signs can help you prepare for the inevitable. Here are five common signs that indicate an HVAC Dayton Ohio system of yours is winding up for failure or is actually down. 1. When it’s on, but it sounds like nothing happened. Just because your HVAC unit has been running doesn’t mean it’s doing its job correctly. If you’re hearing strange sounds from your HVAC unit, it might be struggling to cool or heat your home adequately and soon will need an emergency repair service. 2. A leaky seal or ductwork A dirty filter may already be suspect, but if small drips are seeping from joints in a ductwork line, this could be caused to schedule emergency HVAC repairs as soon as possible. 3. The air that comes out is warm. If you’re not getting the right kind of conditioned air, it means there’s a problem where the air enters your home from the outside power source, or the inside system itself may be damaged. When you see vapors coming from vents around your kitchen or bathroom, something’s wrong and needs repairing as soon as possible for safety in all rooms of your house. 4. Cooling takes longer than […] read more