Meter boxes are susceptible to vandalism. The Meter Box Lock is constantly exposed to elements such as rain, wind and vandalism, so there is a possibility of signs of wear and tear. Meter boxes can be repaired in many ways. It is a simple and easy task.   The hinges that will be added to the box for meters are being installed. If the hinges which hold the door to your meter’s boxes If your hinges are damaged, you might be able to repair the hinges rather than purchase the new meter. Box. The first thing to look for is that the hinges of your meter are broken. It’s not difficult to fix it: 1. The pin that is currently in place must be removed. 2. Replace the current hinge on the door with a new hinge. 3. Then tighten it using the Hammer. The door that connects directly to the meter box must be replaced. If the Meter Box door is damaged in any way, it’s recommended that it be replaced. A range of gas and electric replacement meters are available on the market. Follow these steps to set up the door you bought after purchasing it: 1. Check that the door […] read more