Applicant tracking system latest features ATS programs offer a variety of features and benefits that make finding and hiring new staff easier. However, the features you need depend on your company’s policies, business size, and how you want the system to help you. Other important features of ATS can include: Workboard integration – Easily integrate task posts into task boards linked to your software. Negotiation tools – Negotiation tools can include video chats, predetermined interview questions, company process details, and more that make the interview process easier for your company and applicants. Continue analysis – Convert embedded documents into a digital format that works within your software. After that, photograph and sort them based on various features. Election Messages – You can send messages to non-candidates within the ATS system to keep clear communication with all messages in one place. Application tracking – You can track how many applicants have applied for a job and monitor their progress through the hiring process. Reporting and Analysis – Receive detailed reports and analyses of your employment processes to help identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Chatbots – When a potential employee applies for a job with your company, a chat can be […] read more