Basic rules for your daily maintenance To avoid allowing stains time to get stuck on your beautiful worktop, it is best to intervene quickly and easily. To do this, opt for a little elbow grease and a cloth dipped in soapy water. The toughest ones will usually be dissolved with household alcohol. The supporters of 100% natural will opt for a vegetable sponge and black soap. But beware, cleaning methods differ depending on the stones. Take care of your wooden worktop Highly appreciated for its aesthetic qualities, wood is also fragile. Use a microfiber cloth so as not to damage it with black soap against the lightest traces. A touch of white vinegar will get rid of all kinds of fat. For the rest, you can use lime. An effective and ecological grandmother’s remedy for cleaning her wooden worktop. Finally, consider coating it with linseed oil to prolong its shine. Clean your laminate worktop More sensitive to large differences in heat and scratches, the laminate worktop can be cleaned with black soap and a sponge. It is important to wipe off quickly to avoid streaks and to never use an abrasive product. In the case of grease stains, add a […] read more