When I started energy healing in 1981, I didn’t know much about the mind’s effect on our health. I tried acupressure to clear blocked energy points, and some people felt better. The results didn’t last. In 1985, I added Hypnotherapy in my healing work. This allowed me to achieve greater success in relieving people’s problems. However, I was still not very successful. Although I tried everything to help people release their traumas, the problems they had with their subconscious minds or healing didn’t last long. That was when I realized the impact entity attachment had upon hypnotherapeutic heal. This was 1990. Since then I have had great success in helping people.

Free Your Mind Psychotherapy aims to change a person’s behavior and their response to life. Both of these are determined by the subconscious mind programs. It is important to remove all negative programming and force functions from the subconscious mind in order to reprogram it. These can then be released and new, more positive programs can be embedded in the subconscious to change results.

Problem is getting therenegative forcing functionsAccessing the subconscious biocomputer hard drive, where the programs are stored, and releasing them. If you are unable to reach the subconscious, you can’t release or reprogram forcing functions. The subconscious is not accessible if entity attachments are present.

Vera, aged 42, came to see me about her stress. During our conversations, Vera mentioned the pains she had felt in her neck and head since childhood. Although she tried traditional medicine, and tried many pain relievers, the pain returned as soon as she became more comfortable with the medication or stopped using it. Although I don’t treat mental or physical illnesses per se, she wanted me help her. I examined her and found strong signs of entity attachment.

The entity was an earthbound spirit that belonged to a young man who died after falling down stairs and breaking his neck. His life was over so quickly. He claimed that he had been with her since she was nineteen, during a time when she was very sad. I released the entity and reprogrammed her subconscious to recognize the pain of the released entity as hers. Then, I brought her out from hypnosis. In two years, the pain went away and has not returned. She remembered the sadness she felt when her father died. Emotions like sadness affect our psychic defense system, and when that entity leaves us, he brings the pain with him.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical, or psychological advice.