When looking for cars for sale in Sri Lanka, hybrid cars have become very popular in recent times, with more and more people wanting own eco-friendly transportation. The hybrid car is a vehicle that has two sources of power. The first source of power comes from one or more electric motors, which can be powered by electricity drawn from the battery pack. The second source of power comes from an internal combustion engine, which can be fuelled by gasoline or diesel fuel. These days you can find many different makes and models of hybrid cars for sale, and finding one that suits your requirements is not that hard.


Advantages of Hybrid Cars

There are many advantages to owning a hybrid car in comparison to conventional cars. These include:

      Using less gasoline resulting in a reduction of greenhouse emissions.

      Smaller battery packs because the electric motor can perform some work to assist the internal combustion engine, which means that you save money on buying new batteries as technology improves and those costs come down.

      Hybrids are more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles due to their reduced emission rates and the use of electricity over gasoline.

      The hybrid car can be plugged in and used as a regular electric vehicle, which means you do not have to purchase gasoline at all.

      Electric motor assist adds torque during acceleration resulting in better driving performance than average non-hybrid vehicles.


Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Together with the advantages, there are also certain disadvantages to using a hybrid car, which include the following:

      The battery may not last as long due to the extra weight of the electric motor.

      Hybrids are more expensive than non-hybrid cars.

      As with any car, repairs can sometimes be costly and spare parts may not be readily available.

      Hybrids usually do not offer as much trunk space for storage because of the battery pack placement.

      The electric motor may become damaged if allowed to get wet, therefore it is important that hybrids be parked in a garage.

      If there are more than one person inside of the car while using an air conditioner, then power output will decrease and fuel efficiency will also go down since both items require extra energy from the engine.


How can you save money on gas in your hybrid vehicle?

Saving on fuel cost is one of the advantages of using a hybrid vehicle. This is because the engine is working with an electric motor to produce the power needed.

      Buy a brand-new car, not used one because it will be expensive and would require more money on gas than you need to spend.

      Make sure that your car always gets serviced regularly so there won’t be any problems along the way while driving for months or years without getting checked up by a professional mechanic.

      Make sure you check all of the fluids and replace them every once in a while, such as oil and brake fluid since they can potentially get too old over time if they aren’t replaced when required. This will allow you to avoid unexpected things happening throughout your drive like serious damage done to your vehicle due to experiencing some sort of malfunctioning which may cause you to spend even more money than you originally planned for.


The benefits of buying a used hybrid car vs new

Is there really any benefit to buying a used hybrid car over a brand new one? The biggest benefit is definitely the price. A used hybrid car will cost half, or even less than half of what a new one costs. This can save you thousands of dollars which may be able to go elsewhere in your life instead.


However, remember that the battery on a used hybrid car is also old and may require replacement soon after buying. Hybrid batteries can cost quite a bit of money.


Tips for maintaining your battery life and other parts in your hybrid vehicle

Maintaining your hybrid vehicle properly and regularly will ensure that your battery lasts for as long as possible. You want to make sure that you are changing the oil in it every few thousand miles, checking all of the fluids and replacing them when needed (especially brake fluid), rotating its tyres regularly, performing general maintenance on it at least once a year or more often, if necessary, etc.



You also need to remember that since hybrid vehicles require less fuel than regular gas-powered cars, they can cause other parts in your vehicle not to get used much which will result in wearing down over time; this includes things like rotors and timing belts among others. For these reasons you should always ensure that any repairs or replacements are done before problems arise with them instead of putting off having them fixed until later because then it can become costlier and more inconvenient.