If you own your own massage business or work as an employee at the spa or in a professional environment, it’s crucial to leave a great first impression, and then provide the same quality service whenever you treat your patients. Many times, massage therapists do not remember what a massage session feels as from the point of view of the client. These suggestions will help you keep your massage practice exciting and fresh for clients who visit just once, or clients that you only see every week. These suggestions are intended to be added on to they are not intended to substitute for a regular high-quality massage. Clients must be assured of unfailingly high service, punctuality and professionalism from massage therapists. Iskias (Iscias)

Reception / Waiting Room Area

When your client comes in to your office, the first thing they’ll be feeling is the sense of welcome to your clinic. You or a receptionist will check in the client and provide them with a beverage to drink and, if you’re not ready to visit them right away, give the client a spot in the waiting room until they receive a massage. The clients should feel at ease in the waiting area however, remember that waiting rooms are not designed to “hold” the client until you are able to visit them. Massage therapists must make sure the waiting area is tranquil space where clients can unwind before the appointment However, by no means will the client stay for a prolonged period of time.

It’s an excellent idea to set up the waiting area that has a glasses and water pitcher to ensure that your client is hydrated prior to their massage. Many clients come in for massages after working for a long time or after a long time in traffic offering an easy, healthy snack such as a granola bar or fruit can attract hungry customers prior to the massage. Therapists should have a wide selection of magazines that are family-friendly and cater to both genders. Make sure you change your magazines to ensure that when you wait for your massage customers aren’t forced to go through the exact material every week.

in the Massage Room

Before you greet your client, go through your client’s S.O.A.P notes and go over any notes regarding the music they prefer or their dislike of the scents of any previous massage. The client may be bored with the same music, so it’s a good idea to take a note of what is the music that you are listening to throughout every session. You can then review the notes to ensure that your playlist is always up-to-date as magazines do. Massage therapists often are known to use scent-laden candles or oils in their treatment area. Be sure to ask your client on a regular basis whether or not they are a fan of the scent. If they don’t, make certain to note of it as well.

After welcoming and taking your client to your massage space, make certain to tell them how to dress their shoes and clothes prior to the massage. For regular clients don’t have to repeat the entire speech each time, however, massage therapists must always use phrases such as “I’ll come within a few seconds, after you’ve had time to dry your clothes and sit in the massage table” prior to leaving to get ready to massage. Customers who have been treated to massages before will be familiar with the routine, but massage therapists must offer each client the same level of attention and consideration as a brand new client instead of telling them “ok I’ll wait a minute.” If the client is in a state of undressing ensure that there are several places to keep personal items. Massage therapists should have 2 hooks on the back of the door to hang coats and clothing, or a smaller basket to store shoes (this helps them move when you notice they’re in the way while you massage) as well as a smaller container for personal items like watches, cell phones and jewelry. If these facilities are not available in a massage session, clients might be frustrated when they have fold their clothing on the chair, or be uncomfortable hanging their clothes on the door. If you offer a variety of choices, you will make everyone satisfied.

Of course, you must treat your clients with the same care and professionalism as you do during every massage. Therapists need to make the atmosphere attractive however, keep in mind that it’s the massage that that clients are most attracted to. Keep your attention on the ball, pay attention to the needs of your clients and provide them with the highest quality massage you can.

Following the Massage

In the aftermath of the massage and based on the preferences of your client, it’s an excellent suggestion to conclude with a thank you or “thank to you” for the customer. Massage therapists should alternate these phrases after the massage. Clients might be bored of having to repeat “thank you” every time even something as simple as telling them “thank that you came the present” and “thank you for taking the time to visit” might be an extra little thing to keep the massage exciting. Before you leave the room, make sure to inform clients know you’ll leave a warm or wet towel on the counter in case they need to remove lotion from their hands prior to getting dressed (some massage therapists will offer this option, but others do not and it’s your decision). It’s also a nice gesture to place a mint or even a piece of chocolate on the towel so that the client will feel refreshed and alert when they exit the spa. The clients should be welcomed in the waiting area by a refreshing glass of drinking water in a pitcher. This is an ideal way for massage therapists to provide their clients a healthier alternative to water that is bottled. As your client leaves don’t just tell them “goodbye!” and return to your home, but engage with them about any changes they have experienced and ask about any areas that still irritate and suggest a customized stretch for the client to take advantage of in between sessions.