Welcome To Parivvartan

Academy of Transforming Lives

What we do ?

As an organization, We aim at making your personal and professional life a fulfilling experience by providing you therapy and counseling from industry experts.

From the founder’s desk

I am Viddya Ragotra, a Software Engineer turned relationship and mindset coach with over 12 years of experience in changing the lives of more than 2500 happy clients. Via Parivvartan, I aim to make your life a happier experience overall.

A Few Life Changing products

1. Heal Believe achieve – for women in depression due to career loss

2. Dream Believe Achieve for   women who are already working ,yet in depression because its not what they want or they are underperforming and want a new job or direction

3. Beacon of Balance : Women who are doing good in career, killing it…but going through relationship crisis at home, guilt of not parenting well and not giving enough time to spouse.

4. Counseling Diploma : for any graduate holder

Reclaim Your Deserved Respect!

Kickstart a respectful career and be a figure of authority in your circle. . .

Become a certified counselor, earn at the comfort of your home, get acknowledged for your knowledge.

I am on mission to help Women find their Identity and Respect, and make them their Favorite person in the world by making them best version of themselves.